Top 10 Real Wrestling Injuries

April 20, 2009 | 29 Comments » | Topics: List, main, Sports

They say wrestling is fake but that broken neck, that broken leg and that dislocated shoulder sure as hell isn’t….

10. Rock Pedigrees Triple H On Table

9. Brock Lesnar almost kills A-Train

8. Triple H Almost Kills Someone

7. Megumi Kudo vs Combat “Mother in Law” Toyoda Neck Break

6.Brock Lesnar Breaks Hardcore Holly’s Neck

5.Vader Breaks Joe Thurman’s Back

4.Benoit Breaks Sabu’s Neck

3.Owen Hart Breaks Stone Cold’s Neck

2.Sid Vicious Leg Break

1.Owen Hart’s Equipment Malfunction

owen hart

On May 23, 1999, Hart fell to his death in Kansas City, Missouri during the Over the Edge pay-per-view event. Hart was in the process of being lowered via harness and rappel line into the ring from the rafters of Kemper Arena for a booked Intercontinental Championship match against The Godfather. Something went wrong with the stunt harness, apparently triggering the release mechanism early as he was being lowered. Hart fell 78 feet into thering, landing chest-first on the top rope, approximately a foot from the nearest turnbuckle, throwing him into the ring. Hart was transported to Truman Medical Center in Kansas City, where he was pronounced dead on arrival. (Hart had actually died while still being tended to in the ring.) The cause was later revealed to be internal bleeding from blunt chest trauma.

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  • David

    Nobody – NOBODY – should watch or pay to see “professional” wrestling. It amazes me that some people see this as real and/or entertainment.

    • Jeremy

      Then you must not watch TV or movies as they are all scripted. Moron.

  • Ric

    You disappoint me David.

  • stephen

    what? no mankind-undertaker fight injuries? mick foley went above and beyond the usual wrestling fakery and took quite a beating for the audience, it should at least warrant an honourable mention.

  • Sean

    No list like this is complete without Darren Drozdov, or Droz. In a match with D-Lo Brown in 1999, a botched running powerbomb left him a quadriplegic.

  • stevie

    Hayabusa crippling himself should be on this list (Hayabusa’s accident is still the most shocking thing I’ve ever witnessed in a wrestling ring), since that match i have never been able to watch anyone do an Asai Moonsault/Lionsault without cringing…

    Jushin ‘Thunder’ Lyger snapping his ankle on a baseball slide was horrendous and should also be here. The worse part was it immediately began flapping around (not an exaggeration) he didn’t realise and when to throw a punch on it and just crumble.

  • SEB

    I dont know how you try to prove wrestling isnt fake with 7 out of those 10 being fake, sure some people landed on their head. It looks a lot worse then it is, these athletes work their neck muscles and you would be suprised the impact they can take, for example if you want to see a real MMA fighter getting suplexed with bad intentions then look up fedor vs randleman suplex… and fedor is one of if not the best fighter in the world so this is real… his opponent was trying to kill him. Bottom line wrestling IS FAKE. You cannoy deny these guys take a bit of a beating and they are tremendous athletes but they have a scripted show with scripted moves and those punches to face and those stupid kicks etc… they are fake…therefore FAKE… MMA is a real sport i suggest anyone over 12 years old watching wrestling needs to get a life and grow up because its a little pathetic… its like sesame street… childrens entertainment

    • Seaumas

      Professional Wrestling is Entertainment which includes wrestling components, martial arts, acrobatics, feats of strength, stamina and acting, but its moves are dangerous and can even inadvertently kill or injure the performers.  Its the reason the top performers call working under promoters like McMahon “The Show”.  Pro wrestlers must stay in top condition, develop stamina like professional game athletes and must have superb communications skills.  No wrestler goes in to injure or kill another opponent and one who does is quickly taken out of the profession.  The moment a wrestler is seriously injured as in when a leg is broken, a back or neck or arm is broken or a knockout occurs, the fight ends the others come immediately to his or her aid- and EMTs arrive.  Other injuries such as lacerations, minor dislocations, serious bruises and those incurred as part of the show, a considered treatable after a match.  Many times matches are heavily choreographed and are performance art just as movie action scenes are;  Action movie stars often get injured.  Some are killed such as Bruce Lee.  Some wrestlers are already athletes and/or professional athletes such as  Steve Austin and Goldberg.  A few, like Jesse Ventura, were Navy Seals or other Special Forces.  Professional wrestling is a profession and a very real one.  No one should ever try and emulate these athletes.  they trained long and hard for what they do.  You don’t and didn’t.  And please, when someone makes the unfortunate remark that Professional Wrestling is “fake”, simply disregard them and their lack of knowledge.-  Dedicated to my childhood friends Edward Cagle and James Bell who retired after rewarding professional careers. 

    • Jeremy

      Not fake you moron.

  • Alex

    Why do you have this kind of crazy sport?????????

    This sport is really bad for young generation!!!!!!!

  • From normal wrestling (vs. the pro show) one person inverted his bowel attempting a lift. Eew.

  • Steve

    Hey SEB, all ten of these injuries are as real as they come, try doing some research next time buddy. Pro wrestling is no joke, it’s very dangerous and accidents happen a lot. The main reason so many people like it is for its spectacle, drama, and intensity. I personally find MMA to be particularly boring because there is no consistent flow of action and the matches are usually just two dudes laying on each other trying to get a hold. I don’t care if it’s real, it’s just not entertaining to me like wrestling is.

    And I’d like to see an MMA fighter work consistently for two months with a broken back like Shawn Michaels did in 1998.