240mph On A Motorcyle

June 18, 2009 | 7 Comments » | Topics: Awesomeness

If I actually had a pair I would get me one of these and kill myself….but yeah this is sheer insanity!

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  • Mobius

    Fool. That’s 240 kilometres per hour. Even the speedo is clearly showing mph on the inside of the dial.

    Any decent bike will pull that speed without a problem. Hell, I used to ride at that speed on my GSX-R1100 in 1988!

    240 is fast, but 265 is as fast as I’ve gone – and believe me, it’s simply not possible to get anything except a very specially prepared and fared-in bike to 240 mph (390kph). This because there are no road tyres rated to that speed, and the wind resistance at that speed is like driving into a wall.

    At “just” 250kph, low down behind the faring, with your feet on the pillion pegs, rev counter hovering close to red line, white lines turn into a single white line, and traffic in your lane is coming at you at about 100 mph…

    If you sat up at that speed, you’d be torn off the bike; you need to hold on **really** hard to use yourself as an air-brake. At 250, you hold on hard, bang on the front brake and sit up straight – your speed drops so fast it’s scary, and you KNOW you’d fly off the bike instantly if you let go.

  • Corrector

    Hey Mobius, take another look at the numbers on the inside of the dial. Where on the outer dial it says 70, on the inside dial it shows slightly more than 110. As 1 mile = 1.6 kilometers, 70mph = 112 kph. The numbers on the inside dial are all higher, and must, therefore, be kilometers. So, he is going 240mph.

  • No fear, next gear..

  • chrisgz

    ever thought about a faked speedmether ? 😉

  • also corrector

    MPH are quite obviously outside, with the higher indices on the inside indicating KPH. I think mobius must be retarded?

    It looks real, but I do find it hard to believe. It ould be different gearbox/speedo drive/ sprockets and no recalibration to give a falsely high reading.

    Thanks for the video.