Dude Gets OWNED By First Question

July 28, 2009 | 22 Comments » | Topics: main

Here’s a video of some idiot getting OWNED by the first question on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. I’m usually not the one to laugh at another’s misfortune….wait I’m lying….I’m usually the first one to LOL when someone gets owned like this. I’m a prick, I know.

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  • lol


  • bob

    bwaahhahahahahahaahahahahah lolololol. im in gr9 and i kno it’s a

  • Scarlet

    OMG! That’s totally LOL, but at the same time, I feel so SORRY for him! After he thought about it, he realized the real answer, and you could see the look of utter horror on his face! The poor f***ing guy! Suddenly you could see the “OH SHIET” cross his face. And then he looked utterly stunned, like, “Did that really just happen?” Totally crushed! :'(

  • VamJirachi

    This has in fact happened before, years ago…not a big deal…the question that the person I saw on TV got wrong was about a NURSERY RHYME too! About the number of blackbirds that came out of a pie. LMFAO~

  • Jony

    In the UK this would never happen. Chris Tarant would have given him a chance like asking him ”Are you sure?” and persistently for example, but it seems the American WWTBAM must be bland. They want to get rid of the participant almost immediately. The poor chap looks like he made an unintentional mistake, distracted, especially by the laughter coming from the crowd.

  • tensigh

    He did say he was up all night, and he did recognize his mistake right after he made it. Funny that he said “final answer” so quickly!

  • Steve

    Jony, you’re wrong I’m afraid. There have been 9 people in the UK series who have left with nothing, although I guess you’re not quite wrong on the first question thing as the earliest anyone has left was the 3rd question. Still, no help from Tarrant.

  • s1h4d0w

    epic ;D

  • k

    is “surge protector” a very common word in english? english isn’t my first language so I wouldn’t know. the word “surge” could refer to a surge of water as well as electricity, do you think that’s what made him choose water?

  • You really got to be a idiot doing that suttff lol

  • haha he didnt realize that he was wrong until the actual answer flashed on his screen. and he was still all like “what!?” what a douche.

  • tom

    Tn. is in the South. lol

  • Cogelon

    This is what gays are for in this world, to end the human race. Theyre conceived to think with their asses, nothing else matters but to have a dick to suck and to be penetrated.

  • Now all that time they spent getting to know him up front was a complete waste. 😛

  • Togs

    Richard Hatch, the naked gay guy that won the first series of Survivor, went on Australian Who Wants To Be a Millionaire years ago and bombed the first question


  • He do speak he was awake every one nighttime, plus he do know his fault correct following he ended it. humorous so as to he supposed “last reply” so fast!