Girls On Dating Sites Are Deceiving

August 3, 2009 | 67 Comments » | Topics: WTF

Here’s an interesting little compilation to make you think twice before you get involved with a chick who only sends you an angular photo of herself online.

girls on dating sites are deceiving

girls on dating sites are deceiving

girls on dating sites are deceiving

girls on dating sites are deceiving

girls on dating sites are deceiving

girls on dating sites are deceiving

girls on dating sites are deceiving

girls on dating sites are deceiving

girls on dating sites are deceiving

girls on dating sites are deceiving

girls on dating sites are deceiving


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  • Kai

    Is it just me or are 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 really attractive anyway?

  • laura

    it’s just you, kai… they look horrible

  • Jim

    Actually, I find number 8 very attractive. Take off the glasses, add some makeup & you have the same chick she depicts herself as.
    The fact that she even depicts herself on the site as something other than what her main pic would be is a credit to herself…
    To a certain extent all of them I suppose get that credit… But some are REALLY attempting to deceive you.
    Number 2 is pretty too.
    10… I Dunnoo.

  • deranger

    hey i know #2 she is smoking fcukin hot I know her in real life…. she is prego…. the author should have got his shiet straight before posting this stuff… what an idiot

  • Box

    The last one with the Asian is a fake. The girl on the left is Tommy February and the girl on the right is just some random girl.

  • Its always like that…

  • Red

    I know #8 personally and she’s very beautiful in person. The second picture is just a bad/fuzzy photo…It’s not like she’s really ugly just because you chose one bad photo…
    Plus she’s not “deceiving” you because she usually does look just like the first photo. It’s your mistake.

  • Hangover

    I just vomited and now i cant sleep anymore. Any doctors in da house? I’m afraid!

  • Cute Bruiser

    Where did #1 get her onesie??

  • StonedOdie

    @ BoxonSun, There the same person… look carefully its obvious. at any rate, she looks good on her back with her eyes closed, hell… just fcuk her and peace out before she leans up

  • DF

    1,2,5 and 6.Hot! not deceiving at all.. a bit chubby but I`d definitely would . btw number 1 . is the famous PearChan

  • amanda

    #2, 6, and 8 are gorgeous girls either way. This is completely retarded. Then again, I’m a chick so who cares what I think?

  • Olivier

    Come on the asian girl is totaly bangable (no10) the rest freak me out

  • You Mother


  • AzoreanBarbie

    this is really sad… i coudnt even imagine being one of those girls and seeing this…. none of them r really pretty but im sure theyre beautiful people.. at least theyre comfortable to take those 2nd photos… cuz im very particular about eating, being tone, and keeping healthy… but the fact that theyre cofortable with themselves to post these pictures.. most likely on myspace… says alot about the person.. hate it or love it they are who they are… but id personally hate to let myself gain too much weight. but more to them if they dont care about conforming to the “perfect image”

  • adude

    i think #1 and #5 are hotties i’d date them anytime

  • Kilgore Trout

    I’d bang that chink on the bottom any day.

  • Yomama

    Wow, really? A lot of these girls are still really cute. But you made an article because they’re not perfect? Good luck in life there, buddy.

  • tttt

    the asian one is so disappointing it’s like Fuk YEAH and then awwwwww ๐Ÿ™

  • ashamed to be a part of this society

    Heaven forbid someone not conform to the societal views of what is “pretty.” This article is nothing more than the most pathetic, neanderthal thing I have ever read. I bet the person who wrote this piece of shiet list is some lonely, pathetic little shell of a person who is destined to remain a moron forever. Good luck on your quest to find the “perfect woman.” Hope it feels good when she looks at your face, snarls in disgust, and walks away.

  • pimpin

    lol you can tell there are fat chicks reading this and getting livid… I had already seen most of these, the pictures are old as shiet but still funny

  • Mustard

    Sure is a lot of girl bashing on the web today. So what? Maybe they arn’t all skinny and tall like super models but I think in real world terms a lot of those girls are pretty. Also I have a feeling some of those pictures are them on bad days or just a bad shot and they actually do look a lot better. I’d like to see the author of this articles I bet he a real hottie {sarcasm}

  • Marijo

    Umm so yea, they’re mostly fat/weird looking. They’re probably even unattractive to most.
    But your article says chics on dating sites are deceiving, and I don’t think this is the case. The fact that you get two have these two shots of them people gotta give them some credit.

    Perhpas your article woulnd’t have raised this much hell if it was properly titled: ANGLED PICS MIGHT MAKE U LOOK BETTER…

    To each his own!

  • educated

    Thin does not = pretty.

    Also, if you’re looking for women via the internet…just what the fcuk do you look like?

    I’d take a fat, pretty girl over a skinny butter face any day.

  • ShaNayNay

    #1, as someone said earlier, is known as Pear-chan on the interwebz. You can find her on Myspace. She’s actually really beautiful.

    #5 is Plump Princess, who’s a fetish model of some sort. She has her own website and everything. Defo doesn’t set out to hide her fatness from anyone.

  • i like a good friend

  • I have to say, whoever posted this is shallow to an extreme. At least half or more of these girls are pretty. I think someone just has a problem with girls who have a bit of extra weight, and I get the feeling that they’re going to lead a lonesome life.

  • Jamie

    Second chick was still hot, why is she on the list?

  • Nicole

    Uhm, there TWO DIFFERENT girls in the 6th picture. ._.”
    They aren’t even the same person..

  • It is very sad, that people still care. You would think that at this time, given the exponential advancements in human understanding, technology, standard of living, and child-rearing techniques, that people would show a greater love and acceptance of each-other, and yet you act like emotionally insecure, misogynistic little dweebs.

    Needless to say, in a little while, your preferences will be an irrelevant minority, remembered with a twinge of disbelief by a more whole and emotionally fulfilled population of the future.

  • Olivia

    I think number one, six, and eight are all very pretty (:
    in both pictures,. I agree, skinny doesn’t equal pretty.

    In all honesty, everybody takes a bad photograph of themselve, it all depends on the angles/shot. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Nora

    I think everyone is getting the wrong idea about bashing this photo. Yes it would be humiliating and even if it had mistakes, read what the author said:

    “Hereโ€™s an interesting little compilation to make you think twice before you get involved with a chick who only sends you an angular photo of herself online. ”


    Not everyone is deceiving, but majority of people who see a nice pretty face with make up, maybe contacts and the upper part of her body may assume she is thin. The only reason why the author got an angle picture and a full picture is because the girls posted them. S/he was just giving an example on how if I girl decided to date online and just gave ONE angle picture, and how deceiving would that be? Very.

    For a fact I know someone who does this same exact thing. She is overweight, however, is able to take angle pictures with her chest and face only, using her hair to cover the fat below her neck, and adding brightness and makeup to smooth out her face. Am I trying to be be mean to her? No, but in reality, I’ve known her for 6 years and she IS really deceiving and very quick to judge everyone around her.. not that it matters. In fact, she has met a number of guys on social network websites to meet up with her and she has asked me to come along because she feels “unsafe” going herself, when the guys seen her, their faces were basically shocked to see how she was probably not as thin as they thought.

    Am I saying all girls are like this? No. But like the author said, everyone should think twice and stop expecting an angle top picture to always give an idea on what the entire person looks like. So everyone needs to stop taking it to the heart, because I was overweight once too!

  • Elly

    I must say, that some people said that person on picture nr.8 is pretty and then said that thin isnt actually pretty orsmth similar to that.. uhm.. she is thin.. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  • Number 5 look horrible

  • Melon

    HAHAHA WOW so true! Seen this too many times, both on websites and in person

  • Glen

    Shallow men who like skinny girls with big boobs are disgusting and don’t deserve to EVER get laid. Period. We need to wipe people like these guys out of existence by not letting them breed.

  • DaRealist One

    They are all still women with vaginas,I would hit every one of them.Fill em’ all up with man juice.:)

  • muff dvr

    More cushin for the pushin,as De De would say”Fat Biatches Need Love Too,Craig !”

  • gaby

    i know no 2 personnally and she’s nice and lovable as they come

    you ave no bussiness posting pictures like these if you don’t know pwople

    many of the pics are fake

  • Bleh

    Only ones who seem to be “deceiving” are 1 & 5….. the rest are either just a comparison with an unflattering pic (ei bad lighting, makeup etc) or you are saying their fat which you could probably tell from the portrait anyways, and if you cant you need to take some time studying human anatomy.

    And none of them are particularly bad looking. Enjoy your jpg girlfriend.

  • Ayu

    Poor chick… They have a beautiful face but ugly body.. They have to do something about it. You can eat every delicious food in the world. No need to be starving to looked pretty. But then exercise! Its work with me.. I loved food. I eat everything, then exercise. Seriously:)

  • Uya

    And by them having extra weight you mean being fcuking fat? (minus 1, does look preggers). It’s always a tragedy when you see what could be a hot girl, but covered in flab.

  • Just close your eyes and then you can fcuk everything ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Wow, that is very eye opening. I wonder how many of them are that deceiving.

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  • yargnad

    How petty! I could go for nearly any one of them. @Ayu: go ahead and dis on other’s looks using deplorable grammatical skills.

    What a site for losers that spend their time pointing out regular people’s deficiencies and obviously not getting laid.

  • Casey

    Well some of those pics were decieavine but really what does weight matter? I am one of those girls who is uh pretty but overweight EVERONE is beautiful in their own way and it the eyes of God. Beauty is only in the eye of the beholider. :]

  • Most of these girls are at least cute, and number 6 is really pretty. I have pics that vary in all sorts of degrees, some where I look really good and some where I look pretty bad, but I don’t hide any of them. And in real life, I don’t look like any of them, or at least that’s what I’ve been told. Some people just do not photograph well.

  • they are the biggest lair

  • never come in eyes of girls

  • In the end, just be careful
    Because it’s really easy to crop & photoshop yourself to look good

  • Gendo Ikari

    I’d still wreck #1.
    Have her stripped, bathed, and brought to my chambers.

  • Where did first get her onesie….

  • Number 8 look horrible!!!

  • The Boss

    These girls are all beautiful in their own ways and you have no right to do this to them; imagine if that was you, you’d feel TERRIBLE!!!! I can’t believe how immature you guys are being, life’s not all about sex. And I don’t care who you are or WHAT you look like, this is WRONG. You shouldn’t look to the looks of people anyways; I’m sure most of these girls are GORGEOUS inside and out! And none of those pics (even the 2nd ones) are that bad. And I also agree with what a lot of the other people said THIN DOES NOT EQUAL PRETTY. Yes, I do believe I am at a healthy, thin weight; but that does not mean that I have no feelings, no friends, no life. And so what if those girls aren’t beanpoles and sluts (not saying that because you’re thin you are) but that’s what most of these guys commenting horribly are after. You’ll get no where in life acting like this; and that perfect woman, yeah, you’ll find her one day, on her honeymoon.
    Seriously, Shame on all of you sexist, uneducated, Hell-bound FREAKS.

  • These girls may be deceiving, but maybe you should check out guys also, and some of their “sizes”. It’s ridiculous, and the truth is, you shouldn’t believe everything you see online…or anything you see online ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Treppenlift

    robably tell from the portrait anyways, and if you cant you need to take some time studying human

  • Some of those girls are still pretty cute ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Lisa

    No offense, but this is why I’m glad I’m skinny. And have nice teeth, sorry #9 ๐Ÿ™‚

  • jin

    haha the second chick is cute but the last one has to be fake because of eyebrows and jawline

  • jhonen

    Even the most gorgeous models and actresses in the world still get photoshopped for magazines and movie posters. The designers of these images compete to have the sexiest, most “perfect” women advertise their product, but the end result is our collective delusion of what a woman’s body should look like in order to be worth our time.

    These women aren’t deceiving, they’re just trying to come close to meeting most mens’ unrealistic expectations, expectations that we as men do not apply to ourselves. If you ranked everybody by attractiveness 1-10, you’d see men who barely qualify as 4’s mocking slightly overweight female 6’s, then getting pissed off at all women because the only women they ever hit on are 8’s and 9’s who reject them. If you wouldn’t think twice about a girl because of her weight, just remember that sexy blonde 9 you jack off to probably doesn’t want to think about running her fingers across your hairy beer gut, or over your bacne, or across your prematurely receding hairline. If that 9 sounds like a shallow biatch to you, then maybe you should think twice before dismissing women for such superficial reasons.

    The more time a person is exposed to images of models and actors/actresses instead of real people, the more distorted their concept of reality will become, and their unrealistic expectations for beauty will lead to sad and lonely life.

  • Mike

    Well, i would rather date one of these girls who are judged by most as not so pretty, then the psycho model biatch i had for the last six months.
    I fell for that pretty face and heavenly body without really seeing the personality behind it.
    The first 2 months where great, the last for living hell.
    Calling me about a hundred times a day where i was at and what i was doing……. hello i am working !
    searching all my stuff for any phonenumbers of girls and than destroying them.
    Raiding my creditcard without me knowing she “lend” it………
    And when i finnaly kicked her out she was in front of my house for every day/knight making a scene for the kneigborhood to enjoy, trowing stones trough the window en vandalising my car and my bike.
    Tha`s when i punched her lite out…… common its a Harley and you dont touch a man`s Harley.

    So i would take any of these girls less good looking, probably a much better personality !

  • Petitpois

    I still think that the girl at the top (1st pic) is still amazingly beautiful.