Awkward Father And Daughter Chat

September 9, 2009 | 4 Comments » | Topics: Funny Pictures

MackTrucker2000: Hey there sexy.
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: Do I know you?
MackTrucker2000: Not yet but you should want to.
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: Really?
MackTrucker2000: Yah
MackTrucker2000: Let’s chat.
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: About what?
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: What do you want to chat about?
MackTrucker2000: Let’s talk about you
MackTrucker2000: what are you wearing right now sugar?
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: Hold on for a minute.
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: ok?
MackTrucker2000: k
MackTrucker2000: What are you doing
MackTrucker2000: heloo. U still there?

Evil_Sarah_Biatch: I’m back.
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: So what were we talking about?
MackTrucker2000: you were going to tell me what you were wearing.
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: Not much. I’m just getting ready for bed.
MackTrucker2000: mmmmmmm. I like that.
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: I’m over at my friend’s house.
MackTrucker2000: Tell me.
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: Tell you what?
MackTrucker2000: tell me what you have on
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: No. You tell me what you have on.
MackTrucker2000: I’m wearing a pair of jeans and that’s all.
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: Gross. Is your big fat stomach hanging over them?
MackTrucker2000: No sugar. Im very good shape. Work out every day.
MackTrucker2000: have six pack.
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: Lol. Me and my friend Laura are drinking a six pack right now!
MackTrucker2000: I like that. Come on baby tell me
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: Ok. I have on a pair of underwear, and Laura’s Superman t-shirt.
MackTrucker2000: Is that all?
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: Yep.
MackTrucker2000: Is the t-shirt tight?
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: Yeah. It’s skin tight.
MackTrucker2000: no bra?
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: Nope. I never sleep in a bra.
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: It’s too constricting.
MackTrucker2000: mmmmm. I like that.
MackTrucker2000: tell me more
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: You like to wear a bra to sleep?
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: That’s weird.
MackTrucker2000: lmfao. No i like that you don’t wear one.
MackTrucker2000: I want to slide my hand up your shirt.
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: Really?
MackTrucker2000: mmmmmm.. yeah.
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: Well maybe we should get to know each other a little bit better first.
MackTrucker2000: what for.
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: What’s your name?
MackTrucker2000: Chuck
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: My name is Sarah
MackTrucker2000: Hahah. Yeah that’s what I figured
MackTrucker2000: so do you like to suck cock sarah
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: Wow. You really like to get right to it don’t you?
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: What’s your last name, Chuck?
MackTrucker2000: Why do you want it
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: I’m just trying to get to know you, that’s all
MackTrucker2000: Well I don’t want to know you that well.
MackTrucker2000: I just want to have a good time
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: Ok. Sorry.
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: I didn’t mean to freak you out.
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: Where are you from?
MackTrucker2000: MD
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: Really? Me too!
MackTrucker2000: No your not your from San Diego.
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: How do you know that?
MackTrucker2000: cause it says it on your profile page
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: No, I just put that there to throw people off.
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: You really have to be careful who you talk to on these things.
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: I really live in Maryland and I’m really only 18.
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: I still live at home with my Mom and Dad.
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: Where in Maryland are you?
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: I’m in Baltimore.
MackTrucker2000: Im in Manchester
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: No way!
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: Get out of here!
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: I live in Manchester too!
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: I didn’t want to say Manchester because I didn’t think you would know where it is.
MackTrucker2000: Don’t lie, sugar. Lets fcuk
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: Seriously! I’m not lying.
MackTrucker2000: Ok lets talk about my big cock in your mouth
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: Wait a second.
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: Let’s talk more about you.
MackTrucker2000: don’t want to talk about me
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: Gosh, you’re so secretive.
MackTrucker2000: take your panties off sugar.
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: Ok.
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: But first you have to tell me where in Manchester you live.
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: Come on. I’ll tell you.Evil_Sarah_Biatch: Maybe we already know each other.
MackTrucker2000: doubt it.
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: You’re so funny
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: My Dad calls me sugar all the time.
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: I live right near Grace Bible church.
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: Do you have a picture that I can see?
MackTrucker2000: check my profile
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: Oh. Ok. Hold on.
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: OMG. Dad, this is Chrissy.
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: It’s me, Chrissy.
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: Your daughter? Duhhh. Hello?
MackTrucker2000: shut up whore. I don’t have any daughters.
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: Dad, I’m serious. This is really Chrissy.
MackTrucker2000: whats your last name then
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: It’s Bolchezk, same as yours.
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: Evil_Sarah is just my made up name online, Dad.
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: I’m over here at Laura’s house. remember?
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: Spending the night?
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: Hello?
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: Dad, are you there?
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: You’re disgusting.
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: I hate you.
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: I’m going to tell Mom about this.
MackTrucker2000: quit trying to mess with me
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: Dad, I’m not kidding.
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: It’s Chrissy. Our phone number is 410-374-****!
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: We live at **** Charmil Drive, right by Grace Bible Church.
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: Dad?
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: Answer me.
MackTrucker2000: <>