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2012 FAIL

September 29, 2009 | 8 Comments » | Topics: FAIL, main

2012 fail

Many doomsday nutjobs pinpoint the apocolypse to Dec. 21, 2012, citing it as the day the Maya’s “Long Count” calendar ends….however,

The Mayan calendar consists of many different cycles that work together. These include the long count, the calendar round, the short count, and the 819 day cycle among others. The dating system that doomsday entrepreneurs use is the long count. The long count is made of several cycles that work like an odometer. For Mayan era dates, as well as modern dates, five cycles need to be used. From the largest to the smallest they are –

An example of a long count would be There a 9 b’aktuns, 15 k’atuns, 10 tuns, and no winals or k’ins.

The long count that is supposed to be the end of the world is The day before is The main significance of is of course the number of zeroes.

However, the long count does not end at that point. There are many cycles beyond the b’aktun that can be used to describe any date. The are several instances of extremely large dates used. Coba Stela 1 has a long count that adds up to 41,943,040,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 years. Also, Macanxoc Stela 1 has a long count in the initial series that is . Their is no limit to the long count other than the size of the writing surface used and the patience of the scribe.

The last time the Mayan calendar rolled over to 12-0-0-0-0, which was on September 20, 1618.

The time before that was 11-0-0-0-0 which was on June 17, 1224 AD.

The time before that was 10-0-0-0-0 which was March 15, 830 AD.

The time before that was 9-0-0-0-0, which occurred on December 11, 435 AD.

What will happen in the year 2012, when the Mayan calendar rolls over to 13-0-0-0-0 will merely be another roll-over in a Mayan 394 year cycle, and it will happen again in the year 2406, and this will keep on happening for millions of years. Nothing is going to be any more significant in the year 2012 – relative to the Mayan calendar – than was significant during the last roll-overs in the years 1618, 1224, 830, and 435 AD.”

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  • Dash

    As a Mexican I am forced to agree. Your science is quite accurate.
    But I do love movies! Movies are not supposed to be real or truthful or scientific.
    They are supposed to make me forget, aren’t they?
    I’m looking forward to the movie 2012

  • Why anyone would think that a Hollywood script is important information is mind boggling. There is far more to the 2012 story than the Mayan calendar. Incidentally, just because the count begins over again doesn’t mean anyone will be present to see the days tick by for the 5th age of man.

  • na

    i watched a documentary about it but found it to based on religion for me to find it an any way believable we’ve had 5’000 years of fooling are selves into the next Apocalypses

  • cv

    oh boy…nobody knows the end of the world , but here is a bit of info for thought , every 11 years the sun spits out solar flares more than usuall the next ones are due 2012 , was watching a doco on discovery and saw that , it said if a flare was to hit the earth,,, well marshmellow over a campfire was pretty close i thought the earth need something , asteroid or whatever , we r raping this planet , we need a lesson to be taught , see you all in 2013 lol

  • katie

    I graduate h.s. in 2015