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Brutal Japanese Sniper Prank

October 15, 2009 | 23 Comments » | Topics: Douchebagery

Here’s a video of some crazy Japanese prank show duping some poor dude into thinking a sniper is shooting at everyone in the room. The look on his face says it all. I’m all for hidden camera prank shows but this is taking it too far.

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  • kane

    the poor guy lastly said “don’t mess with me”

    but the intention clearly meant “don’t fcuk with me like that”

  • dude guy

    Youve oficially been punk’d. HA?

  • ¡Poor japanese!

  • heyrun


  • boxsaman


  • mitch

    lmao that was well funny i would love someone to pull a prank on me like that

  • Gary

    That’s just wrong!

  • DaTaa

    LOL 24.

  • ForgottenPatriot

    I would have crapped my pants. This something Ashton Kutcher could never do.

  • But they don’t know about hidden camera. Poor japanese dude…

  • hahahhaha very funny

  • whats so funny in that ?

  • WTff

    Finally now without looking like a racist, i can safely say that the japanese are fcuked up

  • Tobe

    Oh crap!!!

  • so funny..

  • R

    The guy is a professional comedian, he’s used to this sort of thing and was probably in on it.

  • This is just perfect blog! Thanks man, i like it, please contact me at my website…

  • BarelyTrainedChimp

    Just waiting for the day when punk’d meets some guy who’s packing.

  • I had received the first edition of “Make” magazine as a gift and it was really awesome…

  • marass

    Those sons-of-biatches! He could have a heart attack.