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December 1, 2009 | 4 Comments » | Topics: main

bad ass getting owned

Here are 10 videos of supposed bad asses getting owned by karma and a nicely place left hook to the chin.

10. Happy Slapper Gets His

9. English Moron Learns The Hard Way At A Bangkok Bar

8. Big Mouth Idiot Can’t Back Up His Words

7. Road Rage Idiot Gets A Double Whammy

6. The Disciplined Vs The Undisciplined

5. The Pimp Gets Pimped

4. Mike Vallely Vs 4 Frat Dudes

3. Kimbo Slice Knocked Out By Seth Petruzelli

2. Sh*t Talking Cholo Gets His Mouth Shut For Him

1. Bad Booty Stabber Gets Knocked The F*ck Out

felony fights knockout video – Watch more Funny Videos

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