26 Pictures From Pyongyang North Korea

December 3, 2009 | 54 Comments » | Topics: WTF

pyongyang north korea

pyongyang north korea

pyongyang north korea

pyongyang north korea

pyongyang north korea

pyongyang north korea

pyongyang north korea

pyongyang north korea

pyongyang north korea

pyongyang north korea

pyongyang north korea

pyongyang north korea

pyongyang north korea

pyongyang north korea

pyongyang north korea

pyongyang north korea

pyongyang north korea

pyongyang north korea

pyongyang north korea

pyongyang north korea

pyongyang north korea

pyongyang north korea

pyongyang north korea

pyongyang north korea

pyongyang north korea

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  • ticklemexD

    ..ahmmm.. the thing that really caught me is… there aren’t a lot of people… && it’s really cleaner than our country.. xD

  • Ewahl

    Very interesting pics. Like what was said before me, there is a certain feeling of emptiness in each photo. Perhaps it was just the style of the photographer?

  • adhd

    lol you are both silly, 1 its clean because anyone who does anything to dirty the state would be getting 10 to life in some concentration camp or shot…and when i say dirty i dont ust mean litter, i mean anything that brings a negative to their society, and 2, its empty because its a desolate sh*thole, ppl dont have money to go out, plus its a totally different society there. communism is evil

  • I agree with adhd. Reports say most people have been moved to collectives (farms)during the harvest season to bring in what meager crops they have. All do this except the party leaders who, by the way, are the only ones who can afford anything. Pray for the people of North Korea. Lets hope their Dear Leader gets whats coming to him. Hey, maybe we can send our’s over there. He’d feel much more at home im sure!

  • These pictures shows life diversity..

    Really good pictures shows your daily life mirorr


  • ivi

    It is such a theater. I saw a daily life only in the last photo.

  • ivi
  • Andrew

    For such a great country, they sure do imprison and kill alot of their own people for the unpardonable sin of wanting to leave.

    And what the hell is that traffic cop directing? There’s NO traffic on the streets for her to direct, that I can see.

  • Cold Warrior

    Looking at these pictures reminds me of when I would go to East Berlin. Especially the stores. No signs. No price tags. No glitz. No choice. Hopefully this will go the way of East Germany.

  • tom

    Pictures gave me eerie feelings.:/

  • Robin

    Some photos are Photoshop. Specially the one with the traffic cop. Look closer. We know already it’s miserable. You don’t need to ad crop of your own.

  • linhdao

    I ‘m curious about the “menu” in English and Vietnamese, with prices in…Dollars !!!That’s perhaps reserved for Strangers having occasions to visit this country. Too few people on the streets . And the police-woman: what does she? To show up ?!!
    While in Vietnam, there are too, too much people on the sreets, and the circulation is…. wow, very dangerous with so many means of transport, – the most part motocycles imported from Japan !-

    Anyway I would like the clean streets with few people in towns, when I think to the numerous people in VN !

  • HellRaider

    Wow, I have to thank god for living in such a good country, it must suck for north coreans

  • Dwindle

    I don’t think anything was photoshopped. Every intersection has a girl just like her instead of a streetlight, and every girl changes pose and position in sequence with each other. In a few seconds, she will turn 90 degrees to the left, put her baton down, and indicate a “green” light at that intersection. Regardless of whether there is traffic or not, each girl has to remain in sync with every other. Also, all people work during the day which is why so few people are seen. The electric is shut down nationwide around 8 pm, so all people work the same times during the same days. It is a spectacularly clean society, and no one would ever consider leaving a newspaper on a bus or having a cluttered apartment – it’s simply illegal. It is a very poor country with a brutal government, but to each their own.

  • Don

    To us, non North Koreans, that place would seem like a bad place.

    To the North Koreans, it’s their way of life. They haven’t been ‘exposed’ to the outside world…

    I sure as hell would like to go visit North Korea one day. It seems to be a real life setting of the movie “equilibrium”

  • Christian R.

    I think this is propaganda, they tried this before, its not that happy there, many people are starving and their leaders live in luxury.

  • Charlie

    ur country must b really really dirty then.

  • This photo is only for tourist, there is no supermarket full with goods, there is no way that you can find food on the streets to buy just like that, this is just propaganda, check this video and you will see things clearly, http://www.dokumentarci.com/geopolitika/sjeverna-koreja-demokratska-narodna-repubilka-video_7e7b650de.html

  • 800

    our willage graveyard has more live people in it than that city XD

  • BH


    Nice pictures.

    Liked the first one as it really reminded me of my own trip to North korea.

    Of course that shouldn’t be surprising as it’s my picture.

    I’d appreciate it if you’d remove it, and next time you decide to repost someone else’s photos get their permission first.

    At the least have the courtesy to credit the owners and/or link back to the original photographs.


  • davidz

    I didn’t know you could take pictures in North Korea.

  • Puirbanegoro

    I have been to North Korea- to PyongYang and some militer sites.
    Do not listen to US garbage- the country is clean, orderly, and yes poor.

    But what to expect when compared to the US trillions sunk into South Korea to defame Communism?

  • Matt

    Most of these are NOT from Korea… Big give away was = They do not print anything in english in North Korea…

  • Dave Cooper

    Come on People!!! What was missing in ALL the Photos????

    We are so used to it that we think without these things that everything looks plain! Figure it out yet?

    In every store there is nothing in the walls….

    I’ll tekk you what it is … The appearance of being clean is deceiving. The thing that is lacking is ADVERTISING! There is not one piece of advertising in any photograph. This is because it is probably illegal to advertise. The Government wants to tell you what to purchase and what THEY want YOU to interest you. The thing missing is the Advertising. It clutters our lives here in the Western world. But WE as capitalists like advertising. It expands our choices and allows us to be free thinking and it also allows us to think out of the realm of whatever they are pushing down our throats. The ADVERTISING even in the train station is missing. No travel destinations being shown, no soft drink ads posting the walls. No sports teams being given any type of interesting commentary. If you walk through any hub in the US. Be it a train station, bus station, or airport… There are advertisements on where to go in that city, what to do, and where to eat. If you don’t know where you are going in North Korea, you won’t be able to find it unless somebody you ask knows about it.

    Strange how I think now that advertising is good after looking at these photos. Before looking at these I just hated advertising. I hated commercials, and all the clutter it brings. BUT. It is also the sign of a free world and a free thinking society. I LOVE THE US of A.

    – Dave C. San Diego County. By the way, We have a great ZOO, Wild Animal Park, Sea World, Downtown with many eateries, and awesome beaches with beautiful Women. WE have Many nice Golf courses and we have The Chargers and the Padres. Come Enjoy!!! LOL

  • Rob Heusdens

    @Dave Cooper
    You are a very misleading person. How do you think that advertising would be beneficial to free choice? In fact, it’s the other way around, people would be much better off without advertisements, and make free decissions of their own without the constant manipulation of the advertising world. And also, advertisement is a waste of resources and human talent.

    Your country is miserably broke, and technically already bankrupt. Just because China finances the US debt, the US still survives, and China in turn is dependend on exports of consumer goods to the US. But at any time in the future, China will stop financing US debts, and the US will be miserably broke then.

    Your country invades other souvereign countries without UN mandates.

    What kind of freedom are you advocating?


    for any of you who don’t know, these pictures are from the VICE guide to north kore, if you wish to see it, watch it here.


  • nick

    yea so this is not north korea, 1) no americans or allied allowed, so there would be no english 2) the closest you can get to there is the dmz, been there done that not a fun experience 3) only military personal allowed to cross the border and you stay in a building under south korean guard. 4) “north korea” is referred to as the democratic peoples republic of korea or DPROK and t he title would indicate such if posted correctly

  • Chuck

    Hey Nick, what makes you think that Americans aren’t allowed in North Korea?? The guys over at Vice Magazine managed to do a 3 part documentary while inside North Korea, although doing so without their knowledge. http://www.vbs.tv/watch/the-vice-guide-to-travel/vice-guide-to-north-korea-1-of-3

    Also there are plenty of pics of people from Allied Nations taken within North Korea on Flickr.

  • adhd

    Puirbanegoro you are an idiot of the highest degree, filthy commie scum, your dear leader has how mant lux cars and drinks expensive gognac while the people starve, go to hell

  • Lother

    Kinda surreal…

  • skeptik

    adhd……So are you, learn how to spell before you call
    someone else an idiot! Its ‘luxury’ cars, not ‘lux’ ,and
    its ‘cognac’ not ‘gognac’!~! The part about N Korea is true, its an artificial hellhole!

  • Jerry

    I don’t remember when North Korea started using U.S currency…
    Look at picture 14 (of the menu).

  • Frank

    Where is pick #11?

  • Sarah

    no way, I believed the places in the photos were just places they want to show to tourist. That’s noting near daily life of North Korean. People are much much poorer than they show in the photos.

  • phe..

    They are like in the movie.’

    alienated. as i think they are.

    they are like the most exclusive society.
    but i do see a european guy???

    and i don’t know if they are oberying the ruler, or maybe they are ‘JUST AFRAID;??!!

  • nice place to visit but the controls of the government irks.

  • anonymos

    no is hell,is better than other countries XDXDXDXD

  • anon

    Wow their in a time warp, their living in the past.

  • dog

    North Korea is an asylum. Nothing ever happens there! People are afraid to say the wrong thing!

    • You mean, nothing like in Newtown, Conneticut? Or, like in Columbine, Colorado? Yeah, must be a boring city, right?

  • Tom

    There’s no Pics of the Juche Tower? Why?

  • OumpN

    Theater scene

  • CAveman

    Sorry, but this is at least 90% fake.
    1) All the signage is chinese – it’s probably from China or Vietnam 20 years ago.
    2) There’s a white guy listening to karaoke. There are no white guys in North Korea

  • I can describe that life there was simple by just looking at the pictures. Miss Universe wallpapers

  • yin

    Why they yse Vietnamese on the menu list? Im vietnamese haha

  • cobrasixtysix

    Very Politicaly inspired photographs, designed to make you think a certain way.
    The presenter could be seen as depicting the subject as something undesirable, simplistic
    and backwards, or on the other hand tidy, clean and utopian. Which one do you relate to?

  • GI

    CAveman – U R ignorant. You can’t tell the difference between Korean and Chinese written characters? And YES ! ! ! North Korea does welcome tourists — under special circumstances and under very careful guidance. One reason the menu has English wording, as well as Vietnamese and Korean, is that (sorry folks) English comes closest to being a univeral trade language. Go to any other Western or Asian country and you’ll always find some people who can speak some English.

  • Ray

    I am an American and I go to North Korea annually. I have taken over 11,000 photos there on my trips. Nice photos. Two of them are mine. Please do not post other people’s photos as your own.

  • TJ_D

    Now that Kim Jong Il is dead, let’s see what happens with the North and South. We got the whole 2012 to stay and watch.


  • Dddddd

    an entire state is taken hostage. wtf??! why do nobody do nothing? worst than terrorists they are.. if that poor people was sit on airplane all countries would save them.. (sorry for my unsuitable english but you understood the message)