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No Matter How You Look At It, Male Tramp Stamps Are FAIL

December 4, 2009 | 39 Comments » | Topics: FAIL

male tramp stamp

male tramp stamp

male tramp stamp

male tramp stamp

male tramp stamp

male tramp stamp

male tramp stamp

male tramp stamp

male tramp stamp

male tramp stamp

male tramp stamp

male tramp stamp

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  • dave

    I know after I’m fcuking some strange dude’s ass, it helps to have a tattoo to remember them by..

  • kate

    female tramp stamps = enter sign.

  • Ogre

    Yep, unless they’re part of a full-shirt or half-shirt, no male tramp stamps!

  • Benjamin David

    It is amazing that there are so many gay men out there that are so “out”. Given that the “tramp stamp” is generally an “entrance sign” (at least in women), so if that is the case in men, it shows a “outs” these guys as gay to everyone who knows what a “tramp stamp” is.

  • Rotohammer

    The male stamp should read “Exit Only. Do Not Enter.”

  • yah.

    You are idiots. Your comments make absolutely no sense. Go play in traffic.

  • JD

    yah. ^ is a dude with a tramp stamp i think. look at his anger! “My tramp stamp is not a FAIL” ……

  • Klinger

    Fuking faggots.

    • sally


  • Lance Bass

    I thought those were coasters! 🙂

  • saikj dfkj sdaspoj asd;jkm

  • guang zhou zguang sahou !

  • Taylor

    Jolene Van Vugt is very beautiful! 8th pic down

  • chosen

    didnt know what a tramp stamp was to begin with haha, who cares where the tat is honestly, i’d be more concerned with all the heavy metals in some tattoos, such as lead. So what if someone has a tat on their lower back, this reminds me of the jean shorts blog, where they are saying its bad for guys to wear jean shorts now, who makes this stuff up?

  • Nick

    That is not a tramp stamp. That is a cumcatcher. Ask someone in the tattoo industry.


  • Ian

    I’m not sure if its a “fail”. The men who get them are obviously gay. I suppose it is a fail if a heterosexual male got one.

  • nick

    they’re called “champ stamps” on guys

  • Vincent

    In Dutch we call it “ass antlers”

  • hmmm

    The 3rd and 8th picture was good. the rest ait hmmm…

  • usama-bin-laden

    ur mums a focking slut
    i fried a pankake on her pussy
    thats how blak she is
    now fuk of
    u black biatch
    ur birth certificate was an apology from the condom factory

  • pezed

    Bad taste guys, looks very poor!

  • Algy

    Hi Guys,

    and i better say gays,pmsl.this must be a yank thing, no true englishman from any denomination would sport one of these gay twat tats…pmsl shame on you american gays ha ha and indeed ha, yes i’m drunk and that’s what all real men do for kicks every night of the week wether yank , english german or other..not having little gay tats..pmsl happy arse holing guys!!! lol,
    Algy, a dude who fcuks women and likes a beer and works on a building site all week!

  • asus3000

    A couple of decades ago everyone looked at women funny if they got a tattoo. You’re all just a bunch of sheep who do what the leader does or tells you what to do.

  • Clean Skin

    I can’t stand tats on women. How am I supposed to get a girl naked if she’s riddled with tats.

  • David

    This whole web site is “FAIL”…, biatches !

  • Jason

    I wonder if the second one is Alex O’Laughlin. All the tats you see on “Hawai’i 5-0” are really his, but they don’t show his tramp stamp. Maybe it’s an Australian thing, because he’s not gay, but his lower back tat is.

  • kofblz

    Tramp stamps. So that’s what those hideous looking things are called. I guess they look alright on a motorcycle gas tank.

  • High Quality Wallpapers

    Its good tattoo……..

  • Methanas

    No, i can understand how the people think nothing al all! So many of them think a bit more down than the animals.Now that people’s mind developed enough to be happy when follow the flock,gov leaders can say only…Hurraaa!!!

  • Browser

    If it aint hurting anyone then go for it. A tat is just a tat, don’t read anything into it. I don’t have any and that’s my choice, if you want one anywhere on your body and it makes you happy then go for it.

  • Janelle

    i personally do think tramps stamps are fails on all guys it just depends on whether you have the body to pull it off and i think that <3 Alex O'Loughlin <3 defintely pulls it off (great pictures off him and his fantastic arse, the second and the third one) it just suits him and he isn't gay (not that i care if he was) anyway having a tramp stamp if your a guy doesn't make you gay. honestly homophobia is so immature and best kept to the dark ages where people where uncilivised.

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  • Garrett

    How is it a fail? I personally do not see a problem with a male having a tatoo on their lower back.

  • bad boy

    I have a tatu, and I’m not gay.

  • Bite_me_there

    I think they are hot. Like any tats, if you have the body, show it off. ..