Top 10 Movie Shootouts

December 7, 2009 | 11 Comments » | Topics: List, main

top 10 movie shootouts

There’s nothing more exhilarating in a movie than a good gun fight. Here are the best of the best that keep our pulses pounding faster than a bullet escaping a chamber.

10. Smokin’ Aces

9. Young Guns

8. Desperado

7. Tombstone

6. The Killer

5. The Matrix

4. The Wild Bunch

3. The Professional

2. Heat

1. Scarface

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  • Matrix is my favorite movie.. Neo and Trinity is big stars

    Watch real teen star


  • BobbyBobson

    How about Hard Boiled? There were a tonne of memorable shootouts in that.

  • No “Last Man Standing” Bruce Willis was bad ass.

  • Yi-Long

    Any top-10 list of movie shootouts, which doesn’t include Hard Boiled, can’t be taken seriously.

    Also, I believe some dude called Sergio Leone directed a couple of nice flicks with some interesting shoot-outs.

  • smokedm420

    What about the end of True Romance!? I mean, They had a 3-way fire fight with the coke dealers(Slater, et al), the Mob, and the Feds.