10 Greatest Animal Photobombs Of All Time

January 4, 2010 | 224 Comments » | Topics: Awesomeness

Here are 10 awesome photos of animals getting in on the photobomb action.

animal photobombs

animal photobombs

animal photobombs

animal photobombs

animal photobombs

animal photobombs

animal photobombs

animal photobombs

animal photobombs

animal photobombs

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    Do you think they needed to put the florescent purple arrow to highlight the shark?

    • Eoj Trahneir

      Yes. People aren’t as smart as we give them credit for.
      And there are now enough purple arrows in the world…

    • paula jones

      that’s exactly what i was thinking 😀

  • Name

    I love Photoshop!

  • xxx

  • Libra

    The shark one is fake. The shark is the same one as the famous helicopter shark attack.


  • hassan

    hay nays to contakt

  • comby

    haha..i like this!!

  • Chris

    I love the fact that the person who photoshopped the shark/beach pic felt it was neccesary to add the arrow.

    “Mmmmm…. too subtle – they won’t notice the pasted in shark… gotta highlight it with an arrow.”


  • I wish the last image with the seal in the corner was real!

  • Frank the Giant Bunny Rabbit

    Seriously, how long have you been on the Internet? #7, #8 and #10 are so obviously photoshoped.

  • prodigel

    I totally agree with Frank the Giant Bunny Rabbit(my fingers hurt). Also I suspect 1 and 5, still I don’t bet on it.

    • Adam Senders

      What do you exactly do when you think of Frank The Giant Bunny Rabbit that makes your finger hurt?:@

  • RaulJones

    Don’t know which is dumber…folks trying to pass off PD’d pics, or those pointing out the blatantly obvious.

  • Kir

    >Do you think they needed to put the florescent purple arrow to
    >highlight the shark?

    Ha-ha-ha! That was good one!

    But I’m sure it’s fake. May be arrow suppose to say: “look, this one is fake”.

  • MeanyFoFeany

    REALLY, “Libra On Sun,” the shark one is a FAKE? Gosh I’m so glad someone pointed that out to the rest of us; 99.99% of the entire world thought that was a real, un-photoshopped picture. I mean, the fact that a particularly ridiculously gigantic shark is leaping into the air out of approximately 2 feet of water NEVER would have clued any of us in that it was faked. Because we all know that freakishly massive great whites TYPICALLY swim around in wading-depth waves, barely above the ankles of the people in the picture. And thankyou, as well, for the link, Captain Obvious, just in case anyone dumber than a bag of hammers didn’t believe you, and had to look up, and verify, your claim on urban legends. Where the fcuk would we be without your brilliant mind?!

  • Alvy Singer

    I like how this site plasters their name on all the photos that do not even belong to them.

  • To meanyfo…whatever 1st of all, u gave way to much time into ur name..2nd of all u spent way too my time writing down how u felt about someone elses blog..and 3rd of all “dumb as a bag of hammers?” how old r u? I982 called…

  • The shark one has just gotta be shooped… Oh and the seal in the last pic made me laugh!

  • aww the seal one isnt real? but its sooo cuuute! i guess its just too good to be real!

  • That whale picture is amazing – is it real or photohsopped? Guardmann Escrow wants to know!!

    • khj

      the whale?…Its a shark…..its not real and if it was the one dude would have a head !……:)

  • plumpy

    Yeah too many of these are fake, i don’t know how they put that shark one in for science sake, if anyone thought that was real they need to be locked up.

  • wowo very nice funny picturs thanks

  • Haydee

    THtAz AwsOMee

  • Boy, you almost got me… i thought the shark was for real. :)) hahha nice photoshoped

  • of course they are not real pictures they are just for a laugh. please get a sence of humor

  • fanny x fanny

  • Marcelo

    What shark?

  • Ifyouthinktheseareallrealyoureafcukingretard

    LOL. Shark FAKED. Seal with penguins FAKED! get some real pictures and do some fcuking research before you post shiet. Chalk up another scrub ass website. Add it to the millions on the net.

  • _Kizzy_

    naaaw, personally i think these are all really cute, photo-shopped or not. The people that waste their time ranting and raving about how ‘badly done’ ‘over-rated’ etc etc this site is.. here’s a tip: dont like it, dont look at it. How hard is it to just say to yourself, personally i dont like it, but to each their own. Gosh. Some people make me laugh with their stupid comments.

  • awesome

    most funniest animals



  • PolyPaws

    Funny how so many are ready to P**S all over something meant in fun. The only ‘shopped pic there is the shark, all the others are actually legit shots… yes even the seal.

  • LLucmo

    Number 10 is real, taken at lake louise, canada. (The Rockies)
    (That’s for the smart ass that said it was photoshopped)

  • Ayu

    Awesome… Wonderful & amazing photo. Especially photo no.7 & 9. But the first photo not really nice. Just a very lazy cat 🙂

  • hola soy del perú, la verdad q es muy buenazos su pagina tanto en videos como en fotos me alegra el dia,hasta pòdria decir que seria como un anti estres sigan adelante amigos por esa bye….

  • Sob

    one thing that made me doubt about the fakeness of the shark one are the people running out from the sea.

  • Ton

    Thanks Goood Post

  • EE

    It’s not right, and it’s completely unnecessary, that you put your site’s name on photos that are not yours. This was my first time at your site, so it’s good to know you’re hacks.

  • parasolee .

    there’s a ghost in #6 .

  • justin

    That skiffle boarder, about to have his head bitten off by the great white just wants one last ride before he dies….You can see his board…

  • Aren’t these photoshopped? I mean it’s impossible for cats to pose like these (although it’s hilarious) and that big shark? man, i fell out of my chair laughing as as I saw this!!!

  • love the pics

  • cher ami chreche une feil pour roulasson merce

  • That’s so terrible

  • That1Guy

    The shark was photoshopped in. Notice the missing tail fin? That’d be poking out of the water since its like 1 ft deep and a shark that size would need a big tail fin to propel themselves.

  • Tori

    They’re all amusing… I don’t really care which ones are shopped, it’s just for the sake of humor.
    What I do care about is the ‘ghost’ in #6… Whatever it is it’s creeping me out.

  • Its very cooolllllllllll……………

  • JakoLV

    You’re just too dumb, to realize, that most of these are Photoshopped.. powergeeks..

  • Awesome animal photos..Never seen before.

  • Great collection of pictures.
    also the website is very popular in Nepal as well

  • luke oc

    9 and ten are both 100% real it was on the news and in newspapers because there is never anything else to report on is there?

  • whiterz
  • Andreas

    “I totally agree with Frank the Giant Bunny Rabbit(my fingers hurt). Also I suspect 1 and 5, still I don’t bet on it.”

    I think 5 is faked… The cat’s ear is pretty fcuked up…

  • hahahhahaha very cooool goood laughing

  • Awesome animal photos..Never seen before.

    Great collection of pictures.
    also the website is very popular in india as well

  • Some of them just gotta be shopped. Great stuff.

  • PartyPoopers

    why do people feel the need to repeat something obvious 3 comments in a row have already said instead of just enjoying the humor behind the pics. i don’t care if the they’re fake, they made me laugh! which a lot of real photos aren’t able to do.

  • man
  • thanks funny picture made me laugh, and forget what I want to do. very crazy … I like it

  • LLuuchmo

    Luccmo, I’m pretty sure you mean #9. #10 is the penguins, has nothing to do with a lake, and sure as hell isn’t in canada. Also, no one ever said #9 (the squirrel) was fake.

  • Those picturesare hilarious irregardless of whether they’re fake or not.


    There is sure a lot of ignorant ranting in some of the comments above. The seal photo is REAL folks. It is just cropped to look like a photobomb.

    original here all you wankers that were raving about how people were idiots if they thought it was real.


    suck on it.

    yeah, obviously the shark is fake. All of the others I believe are real, including the critter on the rocks.

  • Chrissy

    Why does everybody have to go on and on about photocropping and blah blah blah? Who cares if they are real or fake they are funny and cute…. Why not just enjoy the pictures and have a good laugh?

  • asdfasdf
  • Nice of vip

  • Vadim

    the last one needs a “HAAAI!” word 🙂

    great pics, enjoyed every single one of them.

    The one with the shark needed the purple arrow really bad 🙂 who would’ve noticed…

  • Haha…I’ve seen a few of these before! Made me chuckle!

  • shayne

    Sooooo bomb! My anus shoots pooh! twice daily! I like to touch myself! lets be friends? My friends call me Cupcake! Thats B cause I’m so fcukin sweet! LETS Fuk!

  • lolz 🙂

  • ahmedfddd

    such a big fat lie no one well believe

  • Interesting photos.

  • hahahahahahahaha,,, its very funny picture,,, hehehehehehehehe,,, good gooooooddd,,, :):):):)

  • Sooooo cool and funny! A beautiful collection of pictures. I’m not sure how many pictures are “photoshopped” but anyway – simply cool!

  • zyxirioza

    Funniest stuff I’ve seen in a while!

  • Biartch

    Love that goat!

  • hai

  • Apathygrrl

    Everyone, the only picture that was photoshopped was the shark picture (obviously). All the other pictures are 100% real and 100% hilarious, especially the seal one. So, no more debates over which ones are real – they all are real except the shark one.

  • the cat behind the dog its really funny 🙂

  • There’s a GHOST at #6!
    Some are very intriguing. is it really all real?!
    But Very Funny pictures though.

  • v

    I like every picture.
    It makes me smile and you.

  • Anon

    The seal freaks me the fcuk out.

  • please give top 10 photos

  • Pieter

    @ Anon, that is because the lightning is off. Funny to see the mass go bonkers now they discovered the existence of Photoshop.

    P.S. The peeps with the tight rectal muscles need to loosen up.

  • Omoro Simon Peter

    What were the two boys thinking? they are not cats that mate usually in hiding

  • See & think

  • think good

  • asdfdsafdgvarew

    the shark is horribly photoshopped. not only is that water too shallow for it, but even if it weren’t the tail of the shark wouldn’t be missing

  • kaiser aldobai


  • very funny picture

  • Harold Svejk

    Yo dawg! I heard you like memes so we put a meme inside your meme so you can meme while you meme…

    Photoshopped! Captain Obvious! Grammar nazi! Funny funny!! One day you’ll see you grew up and all you have is a bunch of memes.

  • its as if these animal have real human behavior.

  • The images are really cool,But some of the were fack.Look Berty good

  • sehr gute Inhalte, die mir etwas mehr Dank an Sie und Ihre Website sehen kann ist sehr informativ mit Inhalten bis zu meiner Erwartung. kasino

  • i like animals pic

  • Dan

    Fuking Seal!?!?? Its a fcuking Squirrel, cmon people ffs!

    By the way the ‘seal/squirrel’ is actually real, it was on the news and then the picture got used in a lot of parodies

  • i wanna fool around with Dylan!!!!:)

  • i love that seal sticking his head in the picture

  • dedu

    it took me 10 minutes to see the shark.

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  • Fakehunter

    The shark is a fake, it can’t be there, it just the coast, it hasn’t space in the water to do that jump.
    Look at the children in water at left, the water almost take their legs, so not, the shark haven’t any space possible to make that jump. He would be struck there without possibility to make a move.

    • peidorero


  • falock

    i just wana say all the picks have fake propertys if u look at them good

    • trm

      you’re an idiot.

    • purplxdd

      you’re a TROLL



    • air139

      Only one looks ‘shooped. I do it for a living.

  • JohnnyThunder

    My god who wastes their time making this shiet? This is not the greatest 10 anything, just a bunch of badly Photoshopped crap

  • bec

    Ease up abit people….who cares if its fake or not..its abit of fun and i had a laugh out of it

    • Nickki

      laughh ? at what !? nothing was funny, since it was all photoshopped in. ! now if it was for real maybe we could laugh. but it isnt !

  • monkeyman

    only one is photoshopped you bunch of queers

    • Hai dis is pradee 4m india. I want 1 girl friend 4 friendship

  • it was pretty funny except the shark was pretty obvious that it was fake because its not that deep when you go in and that thing is HUGE!!

    • John

      The fact that you actually went to the effort of trying to EXPLAIN why that picture was fake (as if we needed it spoon fed to us), makes you the biggest douche and idiot on here…just sayin’

      • Char

        John I think you need to take a Xanax or something because you’re a bit of a psycho lol

      • Robin

        What are you guys talking about-those are the most amazing caught on camera freak photos ever. You’re all just jealous because you didn’t take them. Gosh, some people….

      • Karen

        john, your comment shows you need to CHILL.. just sayin’ ;p

    • gsdf

      lol, only thing funny about this fake picture is the purple arrow pointing at the huge shark. Like we would not have noticed without help.

  • owen

    some jump by that but it could not of done that thats fake

    • John D. MacDonald

      some read with and could get by learning grammar better—You retard.

      • ann

        and some cant stop laughing!!!!!!!! john macdonald u r funny

  • Rachael

    Yeah, because half of those aren’t photo shopped at all…..

  • Nice awesome pictures i like its keep more

  • salvan

    nice thax

  • pff il mon fatiguer boucoup t3aiouuuuuuuuuuuu

  • silius

    these are funny. i can’t believe how much everyone biatches and whinges on the net.
    go and die whingy biatches.

    • JohnnyBoy!

      I like how you spelt whine wrong.

      • Johan

        Whinges is a fcuking word, twat. Jesus you and so many other are fcuking retards.

        • Chris

          Hahaha, John. xD

  • Aoifee

    You guys are a bunch of negative asses. Who gives a f*ck if they are photoshopped?! They’re funny. -.-‘

  • Adam

    love that on the shark picture, the maker felt it was necessary to point out the huge fcuking shark in the background.

    • titaniumtestes

      The shark is fake biatch!!!! Get a clue!!!

      • DUH

        That’s why he said “maker”

      • RazerClaws

        lol Stop biatching lol wow get over it lol Go biatch on youtube like the rest, if you can do better then do it and stop trolling lol

  • [………]love that on the shark picture, the maker felt it was necessary to point out the huge fcuking shark in the background.[…….]

  • Mark

    Jesus Christ, people.. It’s supposed to be funny. If you’re analyzing these for authenticity then you really don’t get it.

    • titaniumtestes

      Are you insane asshole???

  • titaniumtestes

    You mutherfcukrs fell for this shiet???? THis is total shiet!!! you people are retarded!!!

  • Sam

    It looks as if one or maaybe two are real.

    That said they’re pretty funny but the shark, while a cool image, completely threw me off and I stopped caring about how they looked and became obsessed with finding the falsities.

  • I thought these were hi-freakin-larious. Thanks for sharing them.

  • Simo

    10 greatest shiet-like pics ever

    • Annonymouse

      Wouldn’t that not be any 10 pics of you?

      • Annonymouse

        blah… typo

        Would that not be any 10 pics of you?

        • Idiot

          Way to ruin your own joke.

          • asdfa

            it would have been a pretty good joke too.

  • Chris

    Well, the shark at the beach is pretty fake…

    • Idiot

      it’s totally real.

  • FAKE!!

  • c

    Squirrel was real, shark is fake. Don’t know about the rest.

  • Meow

    haha the penguin one with the seal is soooo frikin cute >.<

  • Show

    Oh the shark jumping out of water that also near cost just fully fake isnt it

  • Danii

    so i realize like one is photoshopped cuz the rest look actually legit real so im taking it as that

    But the shark one you have to admit is a good one cuz all the people are running from the beach, and outta the water, ….. or did everyone miss that aspect of the picture?

    • Kiz

      its been done pretty well hey? but if you look closely the guy running on the sand near the shark, is actually sand boarding. hes running towards a body board laying on the sand, not running from a shark.

  • 5555

  • ffffffffff


    To the peanut brained, dipshiet, jackasses with the IQ of an oil rigger who think that picture with the Richardson’s Ground Squirrel or more commony referred to as a gopher is real youy need to go back kindergarden and start over again. These animals are found on the prairies of Canada; Alberta and Saskatchewan and and the northern tier of the US high plains North Dakota and perhaps eastern Montana. They live only where short grass prairie is. They do not live in the Rocky mountains numnuts as the picture dictates. Kiss my stones……..

    • Chris

      EPIC. FukING. WIN!!!!
      Plus you can tell where those rocks were faded off and inserted.

      Beast info, man. No one could’ve said better. Not even Animal Planet.

      • Matt

        EPIC. FukING. FAIL!!!!
        (See below)

    • Woohoo

      Anyone who doesn’t have the IQ of an oil rigger would know that ‘Kidergarden’ is actually spelled “KindergarTen”, from the german language. Kiss my stones …

  • allen

    Wow! King Kong CS…I believe that you just broke all receint records for publicly shooting yourself in the foot…with just about every-other word you keyed-out. Firstly, that is NOT the Rocky Mountains at all. It’s Pugit Sound, and you are telling everyone that you really believe that ground-squirlles are, in fact gophers? Are you serious. And you have attempted to convey the obvious false impression that YOU completed kindergarten as well. And, I’m kinda wondering…do you truely maintain that chipmonks, ground squirlls, gophers, moles, hamsters, lemmings, bunnyrabbits, minks, chinchillas, rats, ferets, woodchucks, badgers, girbils, foxes, prarie-dogs, and space aliens are really all the same critter? My home is in California, right on the seacoast, and I’ve been feeding your ‘Canadian and North Dakota only’ critters down here for many years. How about cracking a coupla books. You just might learn some useful info about anamals and their habitats. Gee, I hope that your caregivers are careful not to let you play with matches or pointy sticks. Lol. And, NO…that pic was NOT photoshopped at all. I could take dozens similar to it any day without going twenty-feet from my porch. Oh, yeah….umm…Hope your foot heals ok.

    • Matt

      Well said! This actually made the news over here and I just found the article from a well respected newspaper in the UK ; http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/howaboutthat/6018173/Squirrel-is-surprise-star-of-holiday-photo.html

    • Idiot

      *you spelled squirrels incorrectly

    • Flo

      Well, because I am OCD about spelling, you spelled these wrong:
      prairie dogs
      Also, your sentence should be “You have attempted to convey the obviousLY false impression that YOU completed kindergarten.” Never start a sentence with ‘and’. Your use of the word obvious conveyed the meaning that his attempt at the impression was obvious, not the fact that the impression was false was obvious. Gotta love adverbs, eh? Why don’t you crack open a coupla books yourself? 🙂

    • ann

      “my home is in california”……yeah…me thinks you been smokin too much of that good shiet dude…..how are you gonna get so worked up!!! if KK cocky shiet doesnt know where all God’s furry friends really are, at least he uses proper grammar…..fix him a bong hit dude.

    • Landry_rafa

      You are a MORON. Making false BS about me. You will be lucky if I don’t charge you with false accusations, and I won’t, LOL. I did not imply that all squirrels are THE SAME SPECIES. Richardson’s ground squirrel are found here in large numbers, commonly called gophers here. I have shot and poisoned many. I am a farmer from eastern Alberta. I feed you by the way, generally speaking. Thank me for the meal. We have badgers, various rabbit’s and plenty of foxes of various species and the list goes on. I have shot them all. I am also a FIREARMS;HUNTING;INSTRUCTER. YOU NEED TO CRACK OPEN A COUPLE OF BOOKS YOURSELF, NUMNUT. By the way, I went through grade 12 and attended Old’s College in Olds’s, Alberta for two year’s and now and operating a profitable 3500 acre grain farm….And FLO, shut your trap. You city slickers are just too much! You are all one sided, blind sided!!!!

  • Donald

    fake or not, it was a good laugh; i ll share em.

  • Donald

    wish they had som more.

  • anonymous

    Look at the 6 photo down…
    Look in the back ground….. :/

  • jhoni

    crazy shark

  • sasha

    either real or not i thought they were great for light humour x and concidering sharks can jump out of the water like that – do u not watch nature channel! and several people have been attacked by huge sharks in the shallow waters – plus that type of shark is known for jumping out the water using its powerful teeth and weigh to kill its prey including killer whales on the odd occassion in one go!

    • Zoe

      i think the fact that half it’s body looks like its in the sand might indicate that it’s not real… but yeah i thought the pictures funny too 🙂

  • thought shark 1 was funniest. points out with the arrow, but too big to be in shallow water. squirrel was cute =)

  • Shark

    Excuse me but im pretty sure that it’s possible for a Great White Shark like me, to perform a stunt in such shallow water like my mate Bruce did in the photo!

  • truly funny pictures!

  • Screw the pics! All of this biatchin about them is far more entertaining. I am so glad to have found this site because it beats the hell out of being bored off my rocker while deployed to Afghanistan. Keep it up peeps ,,I love it.

  • Tony

    How did someone as intelligent as me arrive at a site where the average IQ of visitors would seem to be about six? I must get some therapy.

  • awesomest person ever

    I think I laughed more at the people who argued with eachother about which picture was photoshopped then the actual photos.

  • umer

    03214799700 every one can talk with me in this

  • Rosaleenda

    Dudes the back ground of the sixth picture down has a ghost in the back…!

    • gillgegumxx

      holy sh*t , cnt believe ue noticed i didnt , man thts freaky ! shotz for sharing (:

    • gillgegumxx

      holy sh*t , cnt believe ue noticed i didnt , man thts freaky ! shotz for sharing (:

    • gillgegumxx

      holy sh*t , cnt believe ue noticed i didnt , man thts freaky ! shotz for sharing (:

    • Psychobritt24

      whoa scaryy and kewl

  • the last one is very funny:)))

  • سباستيان فيتيل الذهبي

    I dont like Them huh

  • Amaxi70

    PMSLLL x x

  • Very funny and good collection

  • The Photos are very cute and funny

  • Creeper cat is always watching.

  • Simeon Whitney

    The one with the shark was hilarious X’DDDDDDDDDDDD

  • doctorwhoFTW

    I’d say that the “ghost” in the 6th one down is a dementor and that those men don’t have souls anymore, but muggles can’t see them. It’s still creepy as fcuk though.

  • Excellent post and its looking good. Thanks for sharing.

  • That’s funny and interesting to see all animals photo bombs cast smells

  • gfjsjsr

    i don’t think the arrow was necessary for the one with the shark..