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Monster Rifle Owns All Who Dare Fire It

January 26, 2010 | 3 Comments » | Topics: main

t-rex rifle

Here’s an awesome compilation video of several people trying their hand at shooting the .577 T-Rex. I’m surprised no one lost an arm while shooting that beast…that recoil will take out a small village of indigenous people.

From Wikipedia: The .577 Tyrannosaur or .577 T-rex is a cartridge developed by A-Square in 1993 for the hunting of large game in Africa. The .577 contains a .585-inch (14.9 mm) diameter 750-grain (49 g) Monolithic Solid Projectile which when fired moves at 2,460 ft/s (750 m/s) producing 10,180 foot-pounds force (13,800 J) of energy.

t-rex rifle

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  • AUGuru

    I don’t know what round is being held in the photo, but that’s not a .577 T-rex. The .577 cartridge has a neck.

  • Couldn’t they have made the gun a lot heavier to dampen the kickback?

  • Gill Avila

    If it had a pistol grip on the stock you’d have more control.