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Best Video Game Controller. Ever.

January 29, 2010 | 45 Comments » | Topics: Video Games

Forget your gold plated, wireless controller with the two extra frag buttons which owns noobs left and right…this is the ultimate video game controller! Would anyone care to disagree?

most awesome video game controller ever


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  • http://www.jiongg.com 囧歌

    cool1!! haha

  • http://yahyalagi.blogspot.com yahya

    i like it..

  • Des

    This is the second best:

    By the way, two questions:
    1 Is that real?
    2 Where can I get one?

  • http://gamecopy101.com Ryan Augsburger

    Oh man, I am getting that shirt for my GF! Did anyone else notice that a woman was playing on that controller?

  • SSSR

    So can that control her complaining or her desire for sex :)

  • Fobia

    If only it could control HER haha.

  • http://www.touslesdrivers.com C.EDOGAWA

    Very extra XD

    Vraiment extra ! J’aimerais bien le tester ^^

  • http://hotcaars.blogspot.com modified cars

    oooh its not a game pad its a ******

  • http://www.yeah-oops.com/ J Christian

    Seriously…. I have that one in my room. Use “it” every night before going to sleep :)

  • http://www.dirtyteesplease.com Rick

    You can get a variation of this called NinTitDo at dirtyteesplease dot com

  • ssbbBestPLAYER

    nintenboob. nice!

  • ravi

    i wanna play… :)

  • Gamer@heart

    where can I get me a controller like that? I’d buy that for a dollar!

  • http://www.dahaboffers.tk Dahab Paradise


    i like it very much

  • adam

    nice the hand does look like a womans, nice 😉

  • J Patrick

    Awesome .. but does she have a personality .. or will I get slapped when I press the “Fire” buttons ?

  • http://www.sarfrazakhtar.com jhony dep

    where to buy them?

  • Aman

    wow nice game controlar. I like it.

  • http://sarah sarah


  • http://6954646+ ahmed


  • moran

    best thing for remote

  • http://www.shop2guntur.com gifts to guntur

    aaah very nice gaming pad

  • http://www.shop2vijayawada.com gifts to vijayawada

    are they real or fake

  • http://jellyrabbit.net Jamey

    Thanks to Rick in the comments being nice, I actually found this shirt. Dirtyteesplease.com indeed. But they don’t have much else going on there… Five shirts in total, four designs. Oh well. I contributed and bought the shirt.
    Your Order Number is: 7

    I’m not sure whether I should gloat or cry. Give these guys some more credit!

  • Negrah Woods

    Add icy water.

  • http://urdukahani ali

    very nice

  • http://www.jkinfotech.co.in jakwan


  • http://squidoo.com/free-spy-phone-software spyphone-controller

    this is really speechless and awesome…

  • jenn

    wtf!! is this for real?? guys check out also the kids here http://www.idp-foundation.com :)

  • http://hoo mukesh


  • enk

    fcukin awesome…

  • http://www.smoothsqu4d.daportfolio.com SmoothSqu4d

    OMG…New technics… HAHAHA.. lolx

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    very hot pics..!

  • Daniel_freedom91


  • Daniel_freedom91


  • Daniel_freedom91


  • saad khan

    wow very nice pic

  • saad khan

    wow very nice pic

  • SAM

    nice boobs..

  • upyoursdiliciousgamer

    those graphics,and that controller.wonder if it got a joystick pants ;P

  • upyoursdiliciousgamer

    those graphics,and that controller.wonder if it got a joystick pants ;P