67 Year Old Seriously Owns Bus Riding Thug

February 16, 2010 | 6 Comments » | Topics: main

Here’s a video of some dude getting his ass served to him by a senior citizen on a public bus. One bit of advice to all that watch this video…You never fcuk with a dude with a beard that epic!


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  • Damn Straight

    You know, I don’t know what provoked the question “Why does a black man have to spit shine your shoes?” but if people want equal rights they should talk to eachother rather than lashing back. If you want to be “hard” you better come hard. I’m glad that oversensative fcuk got his ass kicked.

    To all those who now think I’m a racist… Go fcuk yourselves. I am sick and tired of pulling the race, gender, age, sexual orientation card when it is convinient for them. Have a little bit of God damned respect for your fellow Americans and realize that just because someone says something that you find offensive, they might not be trying to offend you. Rather than spew more hate tell them why you find it insensative or explain the reasoning behind your view.

    Again, I’m glad he got the shiet kicked out of him.

  • Awesome!!!!

    That had to be one of the most awesome things ive ever seen.

  • slappy mc slapper


    the white guy did, in his defence warned the dude multiple time not to f-with him… but the “tough black guy” attitude and a pathetic punch by the homeboy lead to a HUGE beat down BY A 67 YEAR OLD LOLOLOL.

    LOVE how the black girl eggs on the homeboy telling him to kick the white guys ass.. then after his gets owned, tells him they can press charges cuz she has it on tape…

    homeboy was the aggressor

    A)he was moving in an aggressive manner towards the white guy
    B)the white guy was sitting on a bench telling him not to try anything or he will fight back.
    C)the homeboy takes a swing at the white dude then gets owned.

    Therefore, the white guy acted in self defence and your video would actually incriminate your homeboy buddy… lol.

  • elmer fudd

    That was the funniest shiet I ever seen. That black guy should have sat his ass down and respected his elders. There is no way on gods green earth he should have been trying to prove his punk ass to a 67yo man. He got an ass whipping he completely deserved. I would love to be on that jury if the black guy trys to press charges. LMAO…. omg how funny he was warned time and time again. The white guy even moved seats to get away from him. The black man persued the white man. Personally I think he should have punched the biatch out too for provoking the whole thing too. That would have been icing on the cake. SERVED!!!!!!!

  • JS

    Wow. Hopefully the dude who got his ass beat and his woman yelling for him to beat the white dudes ass have 15 kids and all teach hatred as well.

    People need to wake the fu** up and start being human, not black, white, brown, yellow and whatever else you want to add in there.

    Until we pull together we stay defeated as a species.

    The person making the video and the dude who got his ass handed to him after acting all tough – be proud of yourselves, you’re great contributors to the world – sucks you had to rob the guy and take his shiet after he took your manhood.

  • Did nobody notice that they stole his stuff??