25 Most Embarrassing Things in the World

March 3, 2010 | No Comments » | Topics: main

You even knocked and got no response! That’s what happens when people bring their iPhones into the bathroom with them. Thanks again, technology. You will never be able to look at your boss the same way now that you know what he looks like playing Angry Birds on the can. You were thinking about getting a new job, anyway.

Say it don’t spray it, amiright? But sometimes your mouth doesn’t get that message and sprays it all over the place when you have this hilarious story to tell. They probably didn’t even notice that drop of your spit landing on their upper lip. Nope, they noticed. Just ignore them wiping your spittle away and finish the story like nothing happened. They will soon be too distracted by laughter to care about your juicy germs.

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