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Anyone else have a thing for Ellie Goulding??

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This post requires the use of both your facepalm hands

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10 egregiously late stoppages in MMA

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The stuff that they don't teach you in school

hot babes
Anyone else think this 'open carry' movement is getting out of hand?

The Power Of Makeup

March 22, 2010 | 3 Comments » | Topics: main

Check out all the 27 makeup transformations here >>


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  • trish

    the last picture isnt can tell by the eyes and the nose.

  • H

    I think it is her… She’s wearing color contacts that make your irises look bigger (which makes your eyes look bigger), and her nose looks different because she’s smiling and some makeup.

  • shirley

    theyre called circle lens dumbass

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