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April 6, 2010 | No Comments » | Topics: List, main

office space

Whether it be the jammed printer, the locked up computer or the annoying co-worker, the office place is an bottomless well of potential things to be pissed off at. Although 99.9% of us can deal with the everyday stress of such a toxic environment in a ‘healthy’ way, there is a certain .1% of the population who we all want to live vicariously through. Here are 10 video of people raging it up in the work place.

Printer Problems Will Do This To Anyone

Guy Loses His Mind at Work

Mental Note: Don’t Throw Paperclips At This Guy

Let This Guy Ride The Elevator Alone

Man loses it because his PC won’t work

Woman And Phones….It’s Understandable

Douchebag Gets Owned For Taking A Call In The Middle Of A Meeting

It’s Fcuking Wrestlemania Up In This Office

The Polite Way To Deal With Office Rage

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