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A Couple Videos Of Tito Ortiz Getting His Booty Beat Because It’s Only Fair To Jenna Jameson

April 27, 2010 | No Comments » | Topics: Douchebagery

tito ortiz owned

As you might have already read on TMZ, Tito Ortiz is currently locked up in jail for allegedly beating up Jenna Jameson. I’m thinking he beat her up because he is such a fcuking hack and can’t beat anyone else up in the UFC. Here’s a look back at a few of his fights that I’m sure he would love to forget.

Chuck Liddell Doesn’t Take Kindly To Wife Beaters

Choked Out By Guy Metzger

Frank Shamrock Unleashes A Can Of Whoop Booty

Chuck Won’t Quit With That Booty Whopping

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