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Intelligence Is Not Their Strong Point: 10 Videos Of People Who Should Be Restricted From Reproducing

May 26, 2010 | 1 Comment » | Topics: FAIL, main


Ladies and gentleman, I present to you my case for why it’s important to recquire everyone that is reproducing to have at lease have a normal IQ and a fully functioning brain.

Guy Deliberately Sets His Hair On Fire

Backyard Wrestler Never Had A Brain, Now He Doesn’t Have A Spleen To Match

“Um Yeah, Such As, And Yeah…”

Stupid People In Cars

Stupidity + Faceplant = WIN For Us

Chugging An Entire Bottle Of Vodka Is Not Without It’s Consequences

Truck Gets Owned By Semi Truck In Car Chase

Ghost Rider Totally FAILS

Epic Failed Car Jump

This Will Leave A Mark!

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