If You Were Still Holding On To The Notion That Wrestling Might Be Real…..

May 26, 2010 | 24 Comments » | Topics: main, Sports

wrestling is fake

As much as it hurt to find out that Santa Claus and the Easter bunny were fake, it pains me to inform you that your much beloved sport of professional wrestling with all the body slams and the pile drivers, the cage matches, the chairs over the head is fake as well. Here are a couple of videos to burst your bubble of ignorance that I hope you guys weren’t surronding yourself in all these years.

via Total Pro Sports

via Total Pro Sports

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  • Bob

    Hey look who just showed up to the late party … the author of this post!

    What rock have you been under that you didn’t already know this? Everyone and their grandmother knows that “professional” wrestling is nothing more than scripted entertainment. You either love it for the theatrics or hate it for the predictability.

  • les

    Agreed Bob, maybe the author would be shocked to know that Michael Jackson was born black, the sun doesn’t swallow the moon in the morning and babies aren’t delivered by storks.
    The only people who still believe that wrestling is real are 6 year olds and on that note shame on the author for trying to destroy the dreams of children.

  • Fake or not, getting slammed from that height still hurts.

  • diogenis

    Only Americans could possibly believe that wrestling is real. But then again their whole culture is a life of lies…

  • Capt. America

    diogenis,,, If you dont Like America, Go fcuk yourself and get off our internet!

  • Roxanne

    ”Our internet”??

    You do know that the entire world has internet and no one is USING/SHARING America’s internet…

    People like you give the notion that America is the land of dumb asses!
    Educate yourself. Please!

  • Capt. America is a pussy

    I can attest that 3/4 of Americans are dumber than a rock. Seriously, they are beyond fcuking ignorant.

  • RaulJones

    The whole fcuking world is *ours*, so GTFOI.

  • tomi

    yes! wrestling is fcuk.

  • Piet

    NOooo!! It’s not true NOOO!

    Wrestling is real !!!

  • Marcus

    Funny how someone immediatly thought an American believed wrestling is real, I mean, after all, who else speaks ENGLISH in this world? (I am being facetious)

    Actually, MOST websights are American. Everyone wants to be American…and have what we have here. Coke anyone? Pepsi? McD’s? Wal-Mart?

    Of course the WWE, et al, are scripted althletic shows! Soap Opera’s on testosterone! Who really cares? Most entertainment on TV is scripted, even “reality” TV is scripted.

    One last thing, if you hate America, stop calling on us to fix YOUR problems with YOUR country! And yes, 90% of this world would die if it were not for American foreign aid!

    Deal with it biatches!

    • TY

      “Everyone wants to be American”!!,! Thta would be funny is Marcus didn’t think it to be true: deluded guy. Seriously though, such misplaced, inaccurate, nationistic claims are another example of the insular arrorance that cayses Americans to be hated so much … you may not think such strong feelings are justified, but they are very, very common, and the root of the is the attitudes of many Americans, the foreign policies of successions of US governments, and the support of those policies by the American people.

  • Obo

    Bob it seems you did not read the title like all the dumbasses who commented the author is late for knowing it is fake. Well the title clearly says this is for the people who believed that wrestling was real.

  • I think wrestling is scripted but not totally fake. Some of the moves are fake, yes, but there had been intense real matches as well.

    You can make out now why WWF changed its name to WWE, because its mainly entertainment more than real wrestling…

  • Tobe

    Ha ha ha, very funny. Had a good laugh…

  • Zang

    Marcus, America is a dumb society that is a fact.

    I live in a much better country, and just so you know, those shops you mention? And drinks? Screw them there are a load of better things to drink, and better food to eat than unhealthy greasy shietty macdonalds!

    Get off your high horse as well about the world. You caused a war, and I’m sorry, there is STILL NO GOD DAMN proof of weapons of mass destruction. It would have been top news already.
    So well done, you killed thousands upon thousands of people, over what I’d imagine oil, and to get a dictator you didn’t like out. No other reason.

    Gitmo prison? What a lovely example.

    Want me to go on? I will if you want me to point out all the fails, and amount of idiotic things your country does.

    Hell economic crisis? Please, our country set a minor setback because of Chinas problem, not yours. Hell look at how weak the dollar is getting as well, I mean obviously you wont make the banks go bankrupt and instead inject money into the system to save people that basically screwed you in the first place.

    Well fcuking done.

  • Chez Litton, Ph.D

    Most countries were doing fine until America got its filthy paws in the economy.

  • Stryder

    @Zang, Add voting GW Bush into power…TWICE!!! F*cking dumbasses. LOL!!!

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