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June 2, 2010 | 7 Comments » | Topics: Douchebagery

Here’s a video of some ultra douchebag slapping a girl in the face after she refused to give him his number. Hopefully karma comes in the form of a loaded .45…

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  • Roy

    Biggest douche on this site…he deserves to get his ass fcuked with the biggest katana

  • chris

    Those fcuking niggers!!! I wish I could find there monkey asses and put a bullet between each of their fcuking eyes. This makes me sick, that poor girl. And yes, they are NIGGERS!

  • Billy13

    stfu Chris youre probably a pussy that wouldnt do shiet if a black person were around you

  • Thomas

    That’s right. One of those black monkeys is the President of the United States. I’ll pause for that to sink in.

  • oooooOooooo

    encore un negre !

  • Thomas

    Those blacks have no qualms about hitting females – noticed this years ago and it happens time and time again.

    But sometimes revenge comes :

    Damned blacks!

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