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July 1, 2010 | 1 Comment » | Topics: List, main

worst jobs ever

Once in a while I like to do a public servicce and this post goes out to all the high schoolers out there who think it’s cool to skip class, smoke a bowl and watch Adam Sandler movies all day. Be warned, all that tomfoolery, all the truancies and all that dumbassness will undoubtedly lead you to one of the jobs below. So get your shiet straight and hit the books!

Skyscraper Iron Worker

A Mascot At A Playground

Bull Elephant Sperm Collector


Electric Power-line Dude

Shark Tank Cleaner

Tower Climbers

Sign Holder

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  • Corlan

    If I ever get bummed out about my job, all I have to do is watch that tanner video to regain my perspective.