Attention All Mayweather Fans….Defend Your ‘Champion’

July 19, 2010 | 1 Comment » | Topics: Sports


When asked about a fight between him and Pacquiao:

“I’m not really thinking about boxing right now,” … “I’m just relaxing. I fought about 60 days ago, so I’m just enjoying myself, enjoying life, enjoying my family and enjoying my vacation.”

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  • Maher

    Mayweather is f*cken afraid of the guy (Pacquiao)

    his dad and him should stop runnen their mouths and sign the f*cken deal and let’s have the fight!

    f*cker is accusing Paquiao of using steroids, hey retard, Pacquiao is from a 3rd world country! Steroids are not one of the priorities in a 2rd world country, hard work is! dumb f*ck!