Refereeing Is No Joke, 9 Videos Of Referees Getting Completely And Utterly OWNED

July 26, 2010 | No Comments » | Topics: main

Although many of you avid sports fans will consider refereeing a cushy job, shiet gets serious when a huge and passionate athlete disagrees with your blown call. Here are 9 videos of the cushy job not getting so cushy anymore.

Basketball Referee Gets A Huge Right, Knocked Out For 3 Hours

Soccer Meets WWE: Player Puts Sleeper Hold On Ref

Ref Gets Up Close And Personal With A Rugby Ball

Referee Gets A Monster 1-2 Combination, Lights Out

Referee Gets Pushed Aside Like A Rag Doll

Referee Gets Powerbombed Into An Exploding Cage

Three words: Ball In Face

Hockey Ref Owned By Huge Check

Ref Learns The True Power Of A Left Hook