How To Drink Whiskey

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how to drink whiskey

If you’re going to enter manhood, you’re definitely going to need to learn how to drink whiskey and when I say drink whiskey, I don’t mean take shots with a fruity chaser or dilute it in a Jack and a Coke with a cherry on top. I’m talking about getting the maximum flavor that the distiller intended for. I’m talking about sniffing it like a fine wine, sipping it, letting it sit there simmering on the back of your tongue and enjoying all the notes and the flavor that whiskey carries with it. Here are 4 videos to show you how to drink and enjoy whiskey properly

Whyte and Mackay Master Blender Richard Paterson

George Oliphant At The Brandy Library in New York City

Jeffrey Topping aka the Wild Scotsman

How To Drink Good Bourbon

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  • johna clayton

    First off I am 27 years old and of legal drinking age. Secondly, I am wanting to switch to whiskey as a casual drink but am unsure of how to take it. Usually I order a coke and rum but now I’m wanting to switch it up to whiskey and I’m not sure how to order it. Whiskey on the rocks? Jack and Coke? Please give me some ideas. Also, what is a good but not too expensive brand of whiskey that I can sip and enjoy at home?

  • mark


  • keropz smith

    How ever much you can handel, then a cup of water which intensifies it. Or talk to a friend or even a phone hot line about what may be the problem. Alcohol is a escape for weak. Pleasing to your mind, destructive to your body and people around you.

  • proganz smith

    you could probably start by not drinking that much liquor.
    also another way would be to not try to drink cigarettes since you are supposed to smoke those. that might be why you were so sick.

  • krichain smith

    Good basic primer I am happy to know that even nice catholic girls can enjoy a nip. But like, hey eh? How aboot Canadian whiskey.

  • bolrik smith

    Actually there is no hard and fast rule for drinking whiskey but some points must be kept in mind so that the experience can be made enjoyable. It should be pointed out that if the general rule of thumb is not observed there is still no reason not to enjoy this wonderful spirit.

  • Zachariah smith

    heya .. i don’t like whiskey but i find that if you put ice with it … its slightly smoother .

  • Tim Malone

    I really enjoy scotch! Thanks for the tips mate!

  • Mark Jones

    Hey jameson is my fav!

  • Kate Jones

    Whiskey on the rocks for the win

  • Dpantelis

    Really useful tips. Thanks for them. I like drinking whiskey (especially special malts)

  • Mark Marshal

    Although I am not an whisky fan, I found your post interesting.

  • dpantelis

    Could you inform us what brands do you consider the best?

  • dpantelis

    Don’t you have any suggestions?

  • ash

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  • Actually there is no hard and fast rule for drinking whiskey but some points must be kept in mind so that the experience can be made enjoyable.

  • Leslie

    You can only do that with a high quality selection. The cheap stuff could take the paint off of your car!