Post Your Favorite Movie Scenes Here

August 3, 2010 | 18 Comments » | Topics: Awesomeness, main

I’m going to need a little effort on your part and ask that you send a link to your favorite movie scene in the comment section and I will promptly post it for everyone’s viewing pleasure. I’ll start it off with a few of my favorites….

Pulp Fiction: Breakfast Scene

The Professional: Swat Shootout

Training Day: ‘King Kong Ain’t Got Shiet On Me”

Bladerunner: Tears In The Rain

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Dinner Table Scene

Friday: Deebo Punks Red Again

Scarface: Shootout

Good Will Hunting – Bar Scene

The Room – Roof Scene

Spinal Tap – These Go Up To 11

They Live: Fight Scene

Goodfellas – Shinebox

: End Scene

Commando: Arnold Kills Them All

Nikita: Restaurant Scene

John Coffey’s execution – The Green Mile