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Um Yeah, That Will Leave A Mark

September 3, 2010 | No Comments » | Topics: main


Here’s a compilation of videos that will make you fcuking grimace. I got it all covered in this post, from faceplants to spleen damage, watching these videos, you will thank your lucky stars that you aren’t in the same position these people.

Flying Reverse Roundhouse KickO

Backflip Off Vending Machine To Faceplant

Idiot Gets A Few Knees To The Head For Good Measure

Iowa Hawkeye Josh Koeppel Hit By Motorcycle

Soccer Reporter Headshot

Man Vs Plane

Quickest Way To Dispose Of Your Pesky Spleen

Epic Pool Jump Fail

Sid Vicious Leg Break, Still Hard To Stomach Even After All These Years

Man VS Shark – Shark Wins

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