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I Found 7 Individuals With The Debilitating Disease Known As ‘Same Face In Every Picture’ Syndrome

September 23, 2010 | 9 Comments » | Topics: Funny Pictures

Here are 7 animated gifs of people with Same Face In Every Picture Syndrome. I have the same look in all my pictures too. It’s the look of depression coupled with alcoholism and highlighted by the strain of not being able to score women without the use of roofies, look.








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  • ale

    hihihih lolololol

  • Eax

    The sixth one is fcuking creepy!

  • jon

    These are absolutely brilliant. I like to change up my faces myself… but having the same face for every pic is a pretty cool approach.


    I jerked it to the sixth one!

    • jarvis302003

      I’m sure we all needed to know that. What a sick pervert!

  • You have no idea. He’s a 68 year old Manic Schizophrenic who has lived most of his life in Mental hospitals in between stints of sanity where he was actually quite brilliant and invented loads of stuff for the Aircraft industry (including the mechanism by which jet fighter airplanes can deliver fuel at all angles and all G-Force loads efficiently.) He’s a fcukin psycho genius! 🙂

  • aanjrez

    @DSFARGEG: twisted. i like you, mortal. you may live.

  • Pamela

    you know how i can do this?

  • Hy.