Best Anime Ever Made

September 28, 2010 | 4 Comments » | Topics: Awesomeness, main

fist of the north star

Incorporating post-apocalyptic themes, fights, carnage, violence and plenty of gore, Fist Of The North Star is arguably one of the greatest animes ever made. Fist Of The North Star is the exact opposite of the new generation of anime, which has become synonymous with big eyed characters focusing on being cute….it is stripped downed, no hold barred tale of survival in a dog eat dog world of chaos, disorder and violence glossed over with a dark shade of the 80’s.

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  • rund

    If I recall well, the title is: Ken, the survivor.

  • asdf

    It’s true, Fist of the North Star (original name: Hokuto no Ken) it’s the best of the anime that nowadays we have.
    But people don’t like this style of violence or “dramas”, that’s why this anime isn’t very famous.

    See ya!

  • agon

    there’s no way a jap could ever be that big or muscular.