The Room Is The Greatest Movie Ever Made

October 1, 2010 | 4 Comments » | Topics: Awesomeness, main

the room

Fcuk Godfather, fcuk Citzen Kane, fcuk Schindler’s Lis, fcuk what you read, fcuk what you watched, The Room is hands down the best movie ever made. Written, directed and produced by Tommy Wisseau, The Room is everything and anything and even more than you could ask for in a movie. It’s drama, it’s suspense, it’s mystery, it’s an exploration into the human condition, it’s timeless, it’s a masterpiece. I could go on and on but my words are futile to such a genius piece of work….

Roof Scene : “Oh Hi Mark”

Johnny And Mark Fight Scene

Johnny Rages!

The Flower Shop Scene

You’re Tearing Me Apart, Lisa!