Your Weekly Dose Of Awesome!

October 11, 2010 | No Comments » | Topics: Awesomeness

Yes folks, once again Monday has reared its ugly head and has infected billions of working class individuals with dread, despair and depression. The countdown to the booze driven weekend maybe 40 hours away but you can help ease your case of ‘The Mondays’ with this hodgepodge collection of AWESOME!

Awesome Thai Tea Matrix-Style Vendor

Alphonso Smith Does The Carlton Dance

Paula Deen Gets Chopped And Screwed(Awesome Exorcist Reference @ 2:07)

Teacher Runs Amok At High School

Banksy Does The Simpsons Opening Credits

VideoLes simpsons par Banksy

The Killing Joke: Joker’s Monologue In Lego

Sesame Street Version Of The Old Spice Commercial

Quite Possibly The Most Awesome Water Fountain In The World

Smallest And Most Awesome Stop Motion Animation Of All Time

Super Fast Spray Paint Artist