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November 2, 2010 | 2 Comments » | Topics: Food

chicken mcnuggets

Although the food section of this site is loaded up with extreme heart attack inducing foods, once in a while I like to do a public service and actually have some content that makes you think a little before you consume that 20 pack of McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets. Here’s a video of Jamie Oliver explaining to a group of young kids what really goes into making a chicken nuggets.


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  • Paleo2k

    For most of human history people would have eaten the ‘nasty bits’ and been grateful to have them! We’re spoiled as a culture.

    ‘Meat is meat and a man’s gotta eat’-Farmer Vincent (Motel Hell)

  • pumpmar

    v true, we cant all afford the “good bits” that jamie showed the kids at the beginning, though i dont think i want any of farmer vincents “famous smoked meats” 😉