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November 24, 2010 | 2 Comments » | Topics: Food, main


Thanksgiving is quickly approaching and for all thos wanting to spice up their dinners with a little different approach on preparing their turkeys, consider the Turducken. A Turducken is a delicately deboned turkey that is stuffed with boneless duck and chicken. A delicious cornbread dressing and pork stuffing is then added to separate each poultry. Special seasonings are sprinkled over and into the entire product. The Turducken is vacuum sealed forcing the seasonings into the product enhancing flavors and freshness.




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  • long time browser

    You missed the best turducken video of all


  • Kalishnakov

    we’ve had that in the uk for god know’s how many years it’s called a three bird roast not turducken that’s just retarded and gay….