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High Five Fail And Snubbery

December 1, 2010 | No Comments » | Topics: FAIL, main

high five fail

There’s nothing worse then when you’re celebrating a victorious moment and you decide to put your hand up high to share the glorious moment with your teammate and then nothing…no reciprocation. Embarassement sets in as you scramble to deflect the snub in a nonchalant motion. Here are a few videos which have capture such a soul crushing moment and scarred many from ever attempting a high-five ever again.

American Idol Snub

John Mayer Can Add This High Five Failure To His Accolades Of Douchebaggery

Raptors Darrick Murray Snubs Bootyistant Coach Gene Keady

Dude Just Looked Him In The Face And Denied Him…Ouch!

It’s Important To Have Accuracy When Attempting A High Five

He Must Be The Kicker

Someone Give That Guy A Pity High Five

Longest High-Five Left Hanging Ever

Phil Jackson Fist Bump Snubbed By Kobe

She’s Going To Be A Heartbreaker Someday

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