Joe Rogan’s Standup, Philosophy And Perspective On Life Is Incredibly Awesome And Deserves A Post Of It’s Own

December 6, 2010 | 19 Comments » | Topics: Awesomeness, main

joe rogan

Everybody knows Joe Rogan as either the Fear Factor dude or the commentator for all the UFC fight and a few of you know him as a fcuking amazing standup comic, thinker, philosopher, pothead and all around cool dude, who’s viewpoint and perspective on life is astonishingly fresh and poignant. Check out a few of the clips below and be prepared to be blown away by some interesting perspective on life, people, society and everything else in-between .

Joe Rogan’s Theory on Life and People

Joe Rogan – Suicide Bombings, Sad Penis, and Big Party Girl

Joe Rogan talks about DMT and Life

Joe Rogan On Human Singularity

Joe Rogan’s advice for the creative people

Joe Rogan And The Flotation Tank And Becoming Energy

Joe Rogan OWNS Carlos Mencia

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  • agon

    Rogan is a smart guy. Very philosophical, wouldn’t think that about him at first glance.

  • Giles

    Funny guy, but Joe Rogan thinks we didn’t land on the Moon… you’ve got to lose respect for him for that.

    • bigbear9900

      do a little more reading on the topic before you judge the guy! there is a lot of evidence to support the theory that we didn’t go to the moon. its just one guys opinion.

    • Anony

      Absolutely correct.
      He probably thinks the earth is flat as well.
      And there is NO evidence that we didn’t land on the moon, just crazy conjecture by lunatics with tin foil hats.
      EVERY single thing they invent can be rationally explained.
      As one of the astronauts explained, if we faked going to the moon, why would we fake it a dozen times?

  • John

    And he actually doesn’t say that for sure he thinks we didn’t land there. He says he’s not sure and it’s a coinflip in his mind. But of course if someone even so much as questions something like the moon landing he’s automatically labeled a conspiracy theory nutjob.

  • Smith

    watch mythbusters, they prove that all the info people have used to support there being no landing on the moon is false. The evidence people have been using is very logical, hence why we all tend to believe it, nonetheless science proves its all bullshiet. We did land on the moon.

  • cs

    Don’t forget News Radio. He was funny on that show as well. Good show overall.

  • I listen to the podcast religiously, really like hearing Joe’s take on things.

  • Oliver

    Mythbusters! lmfao!
    They aren’t going to go and prove we didn’t land on the moon. It would never be allowed to air.

  • Ryan

    your description on joe is dumb. if you were a real fan you wouldve mentioned news radio…

  • he’s lucky Joe didn’t kill him.

  • Rob

    That’s it? That’s his enlightened philosophy? That we are either a mold or a cancer? It is amazing what passes for intellectualism these days. “Look at me! I am a self-loathing human being.” It’s been done, dude. To death.

  • Rob

    If you think that whether we landed on the moon or not is a coin flip, then you might be interested in this:

    We currently have an orbiter circling the moon and it has sent back beautiful photos of the some of the landing sites. You can even see footprints in some of them. Of course, if you think there is evidence to support that we didn’t do it, then you will dismiss this too. Sad.

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  • Joe Rogan is quickly becoming the voice of a generation! He has the best podcast going today. I can never get enough.

  • Joe Rogan is quickly becoming the voice of a generation! He has the best podcast going today. I can never get enough.

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