It’s Friday, Lets All Have A Laugh….10 Standup Clips That Will Have You Dying From Laughter

December 10, 2010 | 9 Comments » | Topics: Funny Pictures, main

stand up comedy

Guys! It’s fcuking Friday! Arguably the best day of the week next to the day that you wife finally gave up and gave you some of that sweet nookie. Anyways, what better way to set the vibe for an outlandish, alcohol fueled weekend then by having some laughs courtesy of some of the best stand up comedians the world has known.


Sam Kinison – Jesus Didn’t Have A Wife

Kevin Hart – Seeing His Uncle Get Knocked Out

Dave Chapelle – On How Women Dress

Daniel Tosh – Why He Hates Google

Louis CK – On Being White

George Carlin – The Ten Commandments Broken Down

Katt Williams – Weed

Martin Lawrence- Jail

Pablo Francisco – Psycho Chicks

The Difference Between Women And Men

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