This Video Might Hold Up Until The End Of The Year As The Funniest Video Of 2011

January 6, 2011 | 10 Comments » | Topics: Funny Pictures

facebook thug gets ass whopping by his uncleGuys! I’ve seen some funny videos in my day of scouring the interent all day and wasting my life online and this video has to go down as one of the funniest that has come across my wasted existence. It’s a bold statement and I’ll stand by it and if you guys want to put this video in contention with another superiorily funny video, post it in the comment section and we will battle!


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  • That’s terrible. I really don’t see why that’s so funny…? The end quote “Now put that on your fcuking wall” and the video ends is pretty funny, but the abuse is really, really sad and unsettling.

  • David

    Brian…Shut the fcuk up! If more parents disciplined their kids we’d have less of that bullshiet happening. That was NOT abuse, that was a concerned adult getting a kids attention. When you find your kid making gang-banger videos and hanging out with scum, try giving him a timeout and see how that works, dipshiet.

    • Jacob

      Amen, David. People like Brian are the reason America has become a bunch of pansies. Political Correctness is ruining our country. Beat the f*ck out of your kids, just like every other generation has done.

      • Ha ha, David & Jacob, you guys are awesome!! I was unaware the guy was making gang banger videos since his voice is soft and timid.

        I still don’t agree with hitting, but I guess that’s because I’m a pansie who needs to shut the fcuk up =)

  • Tim

    The uncle wasn’t even trying.

  • Jefe

    Damn-straight, Brian; now shut the fcuk up and you’ll learn even more about effective parenting.

  • eddieO

    It would be admirable that the uncle was disciplining his nephew if not for the sagging pants he weras himself a nod to the gang life and all the cursing. Obviously this unc set the example and the nephew assumed it was ok so he acted out what the uncle was setting.

    If the uncle really wants to help his nephew he should himself leave that whole gang image behind him. I’m blaming both here bad parenting leading to bad behavior.

    • bobo

      his pants were sagging because he took his belt off…

      • Chumlee

        ha….told him