5 Reasons Why Spanish TV Is Way Freaking Better Than American TV

January 19, 2011 | 8 Comments » | Topics: Awesomeness

12 corazones

If you never tuned into the Spanish television stations, you sir, are missing out on a lot of awesome programming. Unlike American TV which has been marred by political correctness and its aversion to sexuality, Spanish TV embraces sexuality, cleavage, midgets, clowns, over the topness, and everything awesome inbetween. You don’t need to understand Spanish to comprehend the awesomeness which Spanish television has come to be known for. Here are a few reasons why Spanish TV is way better than American TV.


Liberal Use Of Cleavage Throughout Their Entire Programming

Their Soap Operas Take Drama To Another Level

Their Dating Shows Kick Major Booty

Jose Luis Sin Censura

Lucha Libre > WWE > TNA

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  • jarri

    Sorry but no one clip posted is about Spanish TV. These clips are from Mexican TV & Venezuelan TV is the same if we compare the USA with United Kingdom, Australia or new Zeland. There’s a big diference about mexican tv and spanish tv despite the lenguage is quite the same.

  • RJ

    I’m Spanish and these videos are from Mexican, Colombian and south-american Countries. That is not Spanish TV.

    • la mama que te adopto

      dude relax, he is probably a fat american that doesnt speak any other foreing language,
      but ur been a pussy getting all angry for just this shiet

  • leoasi

    These are spanish tv channel in USA ( ” Telemundo” channel 16), (“Univision” channel 6) and (“Telefutura” Channel 17) all of them from New York, I live here and see it sometimes

    • jarri

      yeah but these chanels are from South America and “Spain” is in Europe theres a big difference. Altrought the lenguage is very simmilar yu cant’t talk about “Spanish TV” because Spanish tv have a very different channels and very different contenents, and you can’t say: “a spanish person” to a mexican as the same i can say to you “an english person” if u are from the United States, and sorry for my english i’m from Spain.

  • defcom7

    i am from Venezuela, and the program of dating with the chiks in a tube, that program is from miami USA, the program was canceled in Venezuela a few days ago for the adult content… The problem is that the hour for seen the program must be at 11:00 pm or later , not 7:00pm…

  • P4L

    Dudes, they are SPANISH language shows, not from Spain.

    That’s what he was trying to say.

    If you were in another country and talking about shows in English, you would say, “These ENGLISH shows rock”. Not necessarily saying they’re from England, but denoting the language that is being spoken in the shows.

    The post is absolutely correct in it’s title.

    • jarri

      Yeh you said The Superbowl finnal, or the Ophra show, The Jay Leno Show or the Fox channel and The Simpsons, South park tv programs are both from English TV isnt it? as the title said.