andre the giant vs akira maeda
The Story Of Andre The Giant vs Akira Maeda

Fascinating Photos Collected From History

a tribute to man's best friends dog
A Tribute To Man's Best Friend

Life Isn't All Sunshine And Rainbows

The Amount Of Awesomeness Contained In These 5 Videos Might Make Your Head Explode

January 25, 2011 | No Comments » | Topics: Awesomeness

collection of awesomeBesides money, drugs and hookers, the one other thing you can never get enough of is AWESOME! and lucky for you guys I’m actually feeling a little motivated this week and found 5 clips which is the epitome of AWESOME!


Greatest putt-putt shot of all time

Most Awesome Karaoke Singer Ever

How To Make A Sandwich Like A Boss

Sandwich With A Punch – Watch more Funny Videos

Man Films Train Running Over Him And Survives

How To Do Things Quicker

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