I Can’t Get Enough Of These World Of Warcraft Nerd Rage Videos

February 1, 2011 | 7 Comments » | Topics: Funny Pictures

wow nerd rageYou gotta love these World Of Warcraft nerd rage videos. There’s something oddly entertaining about a geek getting thorougly frustrated when he can’t advance his level 7 Paladin and subsequently takes out his anger on any unfortunate nerd within a Mountain Dew’s reach of his gimpy little arms.


World Of Warcraft Nerd Rage – Watch more Funny Videos

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  • Frank

    They’re not playing WoW you idiot.

  • Bam

    they are playing League of Legends

  • Turtle

    Frank:(angry rage) “aaaahhhhhhhh….!!!!!!”
    Bam: (looks over and laugh) “hahahhahahahaa……!!!!!” (SMACK!!!!!!!)

  • S

    This shows exactly how the uneducated, common adult thinks. Act before knowing the story. That being said I am an adult and actually do know what game interfaces look like since I am a gamer, and that is NOT WoW. Go waste your time on a another fruitless story.

  • J

    Relax, WoW nerds. It doesn’t matter what they’re playing, and don’t act like you’re not equally pathetic.

  • Ifiaz

    Fake, the keyboard he’s using isn’t plugged in onto his laptop.

    • Zankou

      Not only is the key board not plugged in the other kid doesn’t start falling until after the keyboard passes his plan. It’s a gag, a funny one but a gag either way.