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February 25, 2011 | 6 Comments » | Topics: Awesomeness

alicia angel interview

Unless you’re a pronstar, have close relations with a pronstar or work in the pron industry, you pretty much only see pronstars in one light and that light is usually set to cheesey music, soft lighting and the spread eagle position. You never really got to see the real person that is performing these acts and feats which have given lonely guys like you and me so much pleasure over the years. Until recently, with the advent of Twitter and Facebook, we were able to get a glimpse of the day to day idiosyncrasies, the bad habits, the morning breakfasts, the outings and the realness involved with our beloved pronstars and on that same level of intimacy, I’ve uncovered a few awesome interviews with Alicia Angel, Brianna Love and Kylie Reese that really give you a good perspective on women who are more than just good boobs, nice ass, good blowjob, nice missionary, awesome doggy and who will take one one the chin if need be.


Alicia Angel: Part 1

[SWF], 480, 385[/SWF]

Alicia Angel: Part 2

[SWF], 480, 385[/SWF]

Alicia Angel: Part 3

[SWF], 480, 385[/SWF]

Brianna Love: Part 1

[SWF], 480, 385[/SWF]

Brianna Love: Part 2

[SWF], 480, 385[/SWF]

Kylie Reese: Part 1

[SWF], 480, 385[/SWF]

Kylie Reese: Part 2

[SWF], 480, 385[/SWF]

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  • Sharmota_Egy

    it’s good to know 🙂

  • XYZ

    Porrn is porrn and these biatchs are damm liars.

  • rgb

    Loads of them here 🙂

  • GCH

    When did Christian Slater start interviewing porrn stars?

  • 123

    1st one was a lying whore

  • 123

    1st one was a lying whore