Quite Possibly The Most Awesome Movie Scene In The History Of Cinema

March 1, 2011 | 4 Comments » | Topics: Awesomeness

2001 space odysseyI just watch 2001 Space Odyssey for the nth time again yesterday and I’m continually astonished to find out how awesome it keeps getting. It’s one of these movies you watch over and over again and pick up things here and there. For all those people that haven’t seen the movie, I’ll be completely honest with you, it’s not an easy movie that does all the work for you. You got to use your nogging and you got to bust off some neurons in your brain to really understand the awesomeness of Stanley Kubrick’s vision. Anyways, I posted this clip, because it is fcuking insane and had me completely transfixed, hypnotized and mesmerized.


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  • casey

    Incidentally, I just found this page only a few days after I finished the book (okay, I listened to the audiobook while I ran), and I was surprised how faithfully it was adapted. It doesn’t necessarily explain a lot more, but it gives you more insight into the monoliths, where they’re from, why they’ve been put there, etc. Also, the “showdown” with HAL seemed a lot more tense to me. Gave me an overall better understanding of various aspects of the movie. Highly recommended.

  • aBiPolarGuy

    There’s a reason the movie is so close to the book. The screenplay and book were actually written as part of a single collaborative project. Arthur C. Clarke worked closely with Stanley Kubrick on the movie treatment although Clarke was in Shri Lanka and Kubrick in California. This was before e-mail and internet AV chat, which makes this pretty amazing rather than fairly common exercise it would be today.

  • Mso4ivp

    That just brought back some LSD flashback’s from about 20yrs ago, lol! Thanks!

  • nike air max

    That just brought back some LSD flashback’s from about 20yrs ago, lol! Thanks!