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14 Ways Of ‘Winning’ Like Charlie Sheen Which Doesn’t Require Pronstars And Cocaine

March 3, 2011 | 7 Comments » | Topics: Awesomeness, List

charlie sheen winning

Although Charlie Sheen is living in his own world of ‘Winning’ with all the pronstars and coke and excess that he surrounded himself with, we can do our own ‘Winning’ in life by accomplishing any of the 14 feats that I have listed below. Feel free to add your own definition of ‘Winning’ in the comment section below.


Escapes Death Twice In 20 Seconds

Have The Best Senior Quote Ever



Create Your Own Parking Space

Create Your First Playboy Using Modern Technology



Tow The Tow Truck

Use Your Awesome Math Skills To Fcuk With People



Rickroll The Christian Station

Look At Pron In Public And Not Give A Fcuk



Be As Sly As This Guy

Be A Mutha Fcukin T-Rex!



Be Fcuking Invisible



Have the patience to create an Oreo of epic proportions



Make a Halloween costume that requires a pair of nice breast



Crowd surf even though you’re handicapped



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  • shingi nhari
  • Sharmota_Egy

    The Best Of Bree Olson, One Of Charlie Sheen’s Porrn Star “Girlfriends” 🙂

  • Socke

    Sorry, but the check is about 0.002 Dollar. e^(i pi)=-1

  • red

    hell we would all kill to be charlie sheen !!! who wouldnt want to bang half the women hes been with !!! and if u say u wouldnt your either gay or dumbass!!! the only thing he needs to do is go to rehab and prove to these people he can do it !!! instead of ranting about it on tv that hes cured !!! so if you are cured charlie show the world and stop crying about it and trying to blame everyone else !!! then go back and live with bree and her girl friend !!! heck get 2-3 more roommates , and be bigger then hef !!!!

  • LOL. I’ve never seen the tow truck video before. Was the SUV 4wd/awd or did the tow truck driver just lock on to the wrong tires?

  • bukakke

    +1 socke

    or if it WAS 2(pi), the check would be would be about 2.002 dollars (e^2(pi) =1)… suck a dick

  • Shtegara

    Manuel Ferrara – Up Alektra