A Strange Phenomenon I Noticed When Girls Get Married (28 Pictures)

March 3, 2011 | 204 Comments » | Topics: Funny Pictures

female bait and switch

female bait and switch

female bait and switch

female bait and switch

female bait and switch

female bait and switch

female bait and switch

female bait and switch

female bait and switch

female bait and switch

female bait and switch

female bait and switch

female bait and switch

female bait and switch

female bait and switch

female bait and switch

female bait and switch

female bait and switch

female bait and switch

female bait and switch

female bait and switch

female bait and switch

female bait and switch

female bait and switch

female bait and switch

female bait and switch

female bait and switch

female bait and switch

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  • Are some Photoshoped yes , but i don’t think that anyone in there right mind will disagree that it happens. lets see sex addiction or just want to have sex with a hot girl like the one you married? Erectile dysfunction or just not interested? i think when they come up with a medication for women like Viagra then marriages will be back on the mend, no more 55% divorce rate. it doesn’t solve the problem of fat girls but if you are both taking it then its ok.

    • bagdad66

      My first wife put on 1 metric ton in the 2 years after marriage. Before you femi-nazis attack me for abandoning her- we stayed together for 8 years. Therapy and support never stopped her from shoving high-calorie food into her pie-hole. Yes, Viagra would have helped the situation. Who wants to fumble around for a screw, and deal with crying afterward? Fat chicks in a bar=good, fat chicks at home=misery

      • Sam K

        Fat chicks in a bar good, really? I mean for a quick score, sure, but I really can’t stand fat chicks period. The fat grosses me out, sorry.The only time I really get aroused by a fat chick is when I close my eyes and picture her as the last hot chick I had sex with – I’d rather just use my hand, or wait around for fit chicks even if it means less sex. Quality over quantity.

        And there’s really no excuse for being morbidly obsese, when I’m only 130 lbs with less than 5% body fat – and do not diet or exercise on a regular basis. If you can’t keep your hand from shoving 3 Big Macs in your mouth a day (which for the record is about $15 a day alone, minus the cokes, cookies, chips, chocolate, etc) – then you deserve a little ridicule. I love how it’s so PC to criticize fat people, but it’s socially acceptable to talk about how disgusting smokers are.

        • James

          You’re 130lbs with 5% body fat? What are you, 5’2? Dude, you’re a toothpick!

        • uhuh

          wow. 130 lbs and only 5% body fat, wait a minute while i build a shrine to how perfect you are. Maybe if we didn’t live in a time where all of our food is pumped full of hormones to make you grow bigger, fatter, faster I would be less sympathetic. Add that shiet together with a dash of asthma do doubt caused by the socially and ethically SUV I’m sure your perfect ass drives around and maybe you might see the larger picture. I’m glad your so perfect, is it nice to not smell anything when you take a dump?

        • Tierack

           It’s Amazing how us Americans can tell ourselves it’s OK to be obese.  But in European and Asian countries it’s very rare to see an obese person.  Most people there have healthy, hard bodies, even without much exercise.  Heck even women that are in their 70’s over there have tight bodes.  So American women, if you think it’s totally natural to eat a lot, then good for you.  But you will most likely end up with diabetes, vision problems, problems with your legs and feet = pain, or heart problems.  I just lost a lot of weight from 278 lbs to 165.  I still ate my junk food, mostly, but I mow my lawn with a push mower.  Now my vision, is better, my knees and feet don’t hurt, and my blood pressure went down at least 40 points.  Food for thought.

      • Sam K

        BTW – a metric ton? That’s sarcasm right? You’re saying she put on 2160 lbs? That would make her about twice as heavy as the current fattest person in the world.

        • AL

          Yea, and almost as fat as my BMW.

  • JR

    well the problem is that most of the girls look hot because they’re not eating more than an apple a day. so when they start eating…. boom! I would say, just try to look after a “normal” girl and she will look more or less the same for many years.

    • DK

      No, the problem is they stop caring about staying fit. It’s not about food as much as exercise.

      • Bob

        It’s both. And it’s unexcusable. You know if it were the other way around they would hesitate to call a man out on his lard ass.

        • Bob


        • BL

          Ummm, most men get significantly larger as they get older and much “flubbier” too. We put up with that all the time! Butttt…..those women need to look at more pictures of themselves when they were thin and lose just enough self esteem to run back to the gym 5 days a week!!

          • i bond

            “those women need to look at more pictures of themselves when they were thin and lose just enough self esteem to run back to the gym 5 days a week!!”

            i find it hard to believe that you seem to believe that fat girls’ self esteem is too high for them to lose weight.

          • sean

            Getting married in the first place, is the same as investing in a failing stock. It’s a fact that as a man get’s older, his worth increases finantially, thus negating appearance. Unfortunately, since money IS NOT what draws a man to a woman, all she has is her looks. Age automatically diminishes that, so if you compound that with your comfort fat….we lose, not you!!!

            • les

              Sean, I salute you.

  • Most of those girls look a lot better “thick”

    • J

      Yeah. I was thinking the answer should be: What is “Her breasts get larger?”

    • Mike

      Are you freakin crazy

    • Sam K

      I disagree – a few of them did (because they got bigger tits), but a most of them didn’t.

  • TomJW

    Let me guess. Their tits get bigger?

    • i bond

      um. fat girls tits are nothing to write home about ill take firm over squishy goo any day.

      • Sam

        pecks are even firmer than firm tits… perhaps you would actually prefer men?

        Women are supposed to be 20-27% body fat… that might be a bit too squishy for you 😛

        • AL

          20-27% fat is alright, I would wager that those women are faaaaaaaar past 27%. Try about 40%

  • sandi

    yeah, pregnancy will do that to a woman, dumbass!

    • Sandi’sAHeffer

      That’s funny, because I can think of a few million women who had babies and didn’t plump up like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

    • Dave_Davids

      sandi assumes that all the beastlies had kids.

    • sean


    • VirtualClover

      I’ve had 3 and I never, ever got like that…I’m 48 and still sporting a stripper body. It’s a self image, self worth issue. I totally eat when I’m bored. Not for comfort, not as a stand in for love or whatever else. The difference is, I’ve always cared about my appearance. There always, always comes a real point for all women (and men too) when they see the change happen. Always a point when the tone softens…and that’s when a choice is made to either put a stop to it and shape up, or ignore it and pretend it’s not there – and just let it happen. No excuses.

  • Ed

    let me guess, they all got an all expenses paid lifetime memership to the pound a month club for their wedding gift?

  • kenny komodo

    Well it seems that since they’ve captured their mate they no longer have a need to stay sleek, trim and fit. Internalized, of course. I suppose they don’t bother to ask their mate what he might think of her gaining 30 or 50 pounds. The answer might surprise some of those women.

    • VirtualClover

      The answer is almost always this: oops, he’s not here to answer because he’s out screwing his sexy, attractive, shapely other woman…

  • Paul

    Well, you know the most fattening food of all is Wedding cake.

  • Niko

    Most of the girls stop to stay fit after merried.

  • analbleeding

    i still do most of them

    • moxley

      true dat!

  • Aaron

    It’s not marrriage, it’s called “seconds and thirds”..bwahaha

  • Jro

    Yes. . .and this phenomenon NEVER happens with dudes, right?

    • Fred

      That is very correct. Men do not get better looking tits. Instead they become more legendary, as in the Legend of Buddha.

    • sean

      Payroll checks make women blind.

    • Whocares

      Not as much, no. This is a fact. Even if they did though it has less effect on their reproductive value, so it’d matter less, fatty.

  • Zeke

    They ALL look better in the ‘after’ pictures!!!!!

    • Mike

      hahahaha im guessing u like fat nasty pussy huh

  • obama

    more like evidence of the lizard people taking over 😀

  • Kev

    A question to the girls here: is it ‘fair’ to divorce your wife because she became like this? Or should the guy be supposed to just live with it and never have sex with a hot girl again in his life?

    • Dave_Davids

      well kev since no chicks will answer…
      its perfectly fine to divorce a spouse for being a monster.

      thats why guy always stare at the young hot chicks, thats
      what they want. not some used up, life hating black hole
      that wants you to listen to her complain about how shiet

      funny life never sux for the 16-22 year old girls

      • Chris

        Seriously Dave! Life never sux for the 16-22 year old girls? You have some experience with this do you? Ew!

        • Dave_Davids

          you have a good point chris. that age group does have issues. but i think theyre usually superficial issues. like peer pressure, not being cool or w/e. obviously nothing like a being a fat single mom that is divorced that now has a shiet job cuz shes used to the husband providing for them. and now that they are monsters they get a strong dose of reality. the kind of reality that nobody is going to help them now that theyre not worth a shiet without being good looking. what they dont get is chicks theyre whole lives get treated better cuz guy are always trying to fcuk them and when guys no long want to do so they get a chance to see how life really is.

          • sean

            Well said brother.

    • Y’all_R_Idiots

      Why don’t we just shoot them or feed them to the starving kids in africa

    • Y’all_R_Idiots

      Go ahead and divorce them women tend to lose weight when they’re husbands leave so they can hook another one right. Just dont get married again because history repeats itself right >:|

  • RT2

    Well, photoshop was the first thing to hit my head. Then, I started thinking for the other half, it happens.

    I seen chicks around my domain..no..seen is not the proper term..know is the term..that had a porrn star body as some of my goofy ass crew members would say, and once they get married, they do this wtf turn around in a year or two. I come back from college, and notice many went from dime to..well..dozen donuts. Not trying to be mean..hell..that was mean, but, they pretty much let themselves go.

    Now, I wouldn’t mind my own getting like that, for this is inside mine and not out there. I can joke like crazy, but the moment mine comes to me with the whole gaining weight thing, I have no choice but to be real. I would stay with her regardless. She was a ‘thickum’ too before the Army got that ass, and now she gotten small, but a belly still exists, so she is still thick, but not THAT thick like in these pics.

    So I agree with whole strange phenomena thing to an extent, some women do let go when the ring slips on. Some do believe it to be a bait mechanism for us guys to fall for it only to be stuck. Some say the thicker the merrier, some say hell no and actually break camp after feeling no longer an attraction to the girl.

    Hell, could be a genetic trait, or the pregnancy weight. So it can be anything. LMAO!

  • Alex

    Hate to say it but it happens. I think it should be made clear at some point in a relationship that if one of the two starts gaining some weight then an intervention is needed. I have broken up with two girls because they started gaining weight after 1 year and 1 year and a half and they felt they looked fine gross.

  • John

    My wife has had two kids and is maybe 20 lbs heavier than before. It’s called eating less, and exercising.

    Fat people are fcuking gross. This article is depressing but very American.

    • David in Corpus

      I too have always been aware of this inconsideration deliverd unto men; but the pictures just really depressed me, to see those young hot things turn all fatty. Say it isn’t so sweet baby Jesus, say it isn’t so.

  • BobbyD

    Man, this is tragic.

    lol at ppl saying it’s anything other than eating too much/not exercising.

    Calories in vs calories out, it’s really that simple.

  • J


    • sean

      OH REALLY? Does she give birth in her 125th trimester? Because unless she gave birth to a grown man, she’s just a pig.

    • Cal

      Yeah, I call bullshiet. My wife had a child and gained weight, but is perfectly capable of exercising and limiting her diet to lose it. I don’t see why you feel that that is a valid excuse to gain and KEEP the weight on. It’s like you’re saying “Ok, did my job. The work is over.”

    • David in Corpus

      I know women that went to a lot of trouble (I stress alot) to stay fit even while pregnant. They counted every carb and calorie to make sure they and baby were getting exactly what they needed and nothing more. They also used lotions and such to keep the stretch marks to a minimum. This one chick at work looked like a model again after only one month of having the kid. Women hate her. She is obsessed with her looks. God love her. Why can’t all women be like her. Men, the key is to only date women whose hobbies including 1. eating right, 2. exercise, 3. exercise, 4. and eating right. If they don’t like doing this all on their own then run. The only fight y’all should get it is 1. the gym bill is so expensive, 2. your nails (feet and fingers) are too expensive, 3. stop making out with your hot stripper girlfriends when i am not home to join in or watch.

  • Jeff McKinley

    OK – been Drinking in a Bar, away from Home (i.e. away from Wife + Kid) as most Cave-Men do…

    But, all I can say…


  • Lily

    People don’t look the same their whole lives.
    90% of these girls probably would’ve ended up looking like this even if they hadn’t gotten married. As long as they’re happy, why does it matter to anyone?

    • Dave_Davids

      what fat chick is happy really. we all know that the simple existence of a girl is only based on what others think. they are not happy. and when you ask who cares, i would care if i used to date a person that morphed into a beast. id kick her out. my current gf knows that and she stays fit, that is all.

    • David in Corpus

      Girl, I look better now than I did when I was 20, much better in fact. I get hit on more now than ever. So yes, I get pissed at my wife for letting herself go. She used to be a stripper for God’s sake. I love the woman and won’t leave her ever but she has to understand that I will not be having sex with her until that 15 pounds is gone. It ain’t sexy, it don’t feel good and we are still to young to be looking old and unfit.
      I stopped drinking beer and eating poorly because it is important to me to stay looking good, and it ain’t a health issue, it is a dominance issue. I want to be the dominant male monkey in the room and I ain’t apologizing for it. I want to look the best, fight the best, and fk the best. A hot wife on your arm intimidates others and lets them know how you expect to be treated. A fat wife just gains one pity from thy male friends. Pity is for puzzies. FK Pity, unless I am feeling it for you.

  • zena

    a woman’s happiness has never been important to a man. The guy that thought these pictures was funny should grow a pair. “away from home” ffs do you chain to the wall when you leave grow up! my old bf used to slap me when i so much as tanned most of these women are so turned off by sex they put on the weight to not even tempt a rape

    • Dave_Davids

      yer right, her happiness is not important. the reason is that chicks are rarely happy ever. theyre usually miserable and self loathing. the only thing a guy can really do is try to pay attention to her ridiculous stories of lies, misery and hate without going crazy and feed her compliments often enough to prevent her fledgling self-conscious from spinning her mind off of this planet.

      also be happy yer man slapped you. maybe you deserved it. and if you didnt, maybe yer just another broken, joke of a girl that dates these assholes built upon her own mental instabilities. i say be happy he payed attention to you at all. remember, yer just a hole.

      • happy

        And remember, yer just a dick to fill my vastly more important hole. (:

        • Dave_Davids

          good one…

          • David in Corpus

            Finally a chick who sees what is important. Yes Yes, we are just walking peckers looking for a holy hole to reside in (temporarily).
            Don’t worry, I won’t bother you with my silly self longer than it takes to make you nut 50 times in one hour, then I am off to spread the joy to another lucky lady.
            Sharing is caring as long as STD’s are involved.
            You should teach a class girl, let the other btches know how it is.

      • Hola

        Yikes…I’m guessing hot, worthwhile, successful chicks never give you the time of day, I feel sorry for you 🙁 Just a tip: Girls who have their shiet together, are hot and worthwhile, don’t like negative debbie downers like you….

  • TeensTwentiesThirties

    This is the process of going from your teens to twenties to thirties for men and women. If you maintain the same eating habits you had when you were a teenager and steadily decrease all the exercise you got from sports and other activities as you progress into your twenties and on to your thirties this is the end result. Now add having children, studying for advanced degrees, etc to the equation…if you are going to remove the sports and exercise from the equation because of additional burdens like lack of time then you need to modify your diet and start eating less and more healthy. Nip it in the bud nice and early before its a multi-year diet commitment to remove the excess.
    But it is sad to see all the people in these pics letting it get too far.

  • Allie

    Yikes! Maybe it’s not just marriage, half of the before pics look like they’re from High School or the day these girls turned 21. My point: alcohol is a quick way to load your diet with excess carbs and calories. It could be factor in addition to complacency and kids.

    • Gordon

      Ya I agree. Some of these before pics have the girls looking awfully young. Same thing happens with guys, you get older, your metabolism slows down and your body changes, sometimes regardless of how much exercise you do. lol besides, some of these boyfriends/husbands look out of shape to begin so wtf are they complaining about at least they are getting laid!

    • Dave_Davids

      ahh, allie a rare girl who gets it. girls/holes are only worth anything from highschool – 21 yo

      just holes why dont people seem to get that?

    • David in Corpus

      Good point, when my wife was stripping (she is a college professor now) she almost never drank alcohol, mostly only water in fact.
      She never ate chocolate either even though she loves the stuff.

  • Mai

    There are so many factors that could lead to these results.

    A lot of posters seem to firmly believe that it’s all about eating more and/or exercising less. Recent studies have led researchers to believe that it’s not the AMOUNT of food that is consumed, but the TYPE of food that has a huge influence on body fat storage.

    Another factor that may have been overlooked is the body type and lifestyle of the other person. Couples (and any other close relationship) tend to resemble one another over time, both physically and in mannerisms. Again, diet plays the lead role followed by activity level.

    Genetics is also a key factor as well as lower metabolism rates due to inevitable aging.

    • bagdad66

      You are believing what you read on (women’s) magazine covers. TYPES of food is a chimera. Calories in > calories out is the bottom, bottom, bottom (big bottom) line. Nothing is ‘overlooked’ in a silly internet pix posting. Apologize for more of your sisters, you bookish-overweight-friend-of-hot-chicks.

      • Chris

        You are wrong, wrong, wrong bagdad66! ALL of the scientific literature (not popular literature) on nutrition science shows that calories in/calories out is a big fat stupid LIE! It’s more about the type of food you eat, too many simple carbs and not enough fat in your diet causes your body to hoard fat and makes it impossible for a person to burn your own fat stores…first by sucking fatty acids into your fat cells where they are converted to triglycerides which are too big to be access as fuel by your body. Read “Why we get fat” a review of the scientific literature before you spout off your stupid, uneducated mouth about stuff you don’t understand.

      • Marisa Cherry

        Not sure if I’m different ( I have an autoimmune condition) but Ive found I can lose weight while going above my recommended daily caloric intake as long as I eat no sugar, refined grains (basically very low carb if not Keto). Calories in = calories out isnt true for everyone.

    • sean

      only a woman would believe that.

  • Biatch please

    If you’re a stay at home GF/fiance/wife, your ass better be staying in shape.

    Your husband goes out and works a 9 to 5 to support the whole family, the least you can do is cook dinner and stay fit. It’s not that hard. It’s not even so much for him, but not being a fat piece of shiet slob that doesn’t respect their body. Who likes to become OBESELY overweight like most of these girls in the pictures?

    I’ve been plenty of cute high school and college girls COMPLETELY flop into whales after they settle down with a long term boyfriend or get married. It’s the fact they don’t think they need to stay in shape anymore because they caught someone for themselves.

    If you were once in good shape and you let it go before you even hit your 40s, that’s a sign of laziness. Don’t feel sorry for yourself, there’s very few people that put in a lot of effort into their diet and losing weight with little to no success. The MAJORITY of people out there can stay fit if they wanted to, it’s just that biatches get sloppy and stop caring.


    Half of them are legit…the rest looks photoshopped…but hey…it’s the TRUTH! IT DOES HAPPEN! They really let themselves go.

  • Timothy

    While there are a lot of REASONS for gaining weight, there aren’t many legitimate ones for STAYING fat or continuing to gain that way. Yeah, yeah…some of these pics might be photoshopped. But we know the truth – we’ve all seen it happen to women. And most of the reason is they stop caring, and it’s especially sad for women that were athletes. There are plenty of women who lose weight post-childbirth. You may not be EXACTLY like you were before the baby, but you can get close if you work. The key is if you stayed in shape BEFORE you had kids, your body will bounce back better after. But if you already settled into a pattern of laziness before, you’ll probably gain tons of weight during pregnancy and even more after.

  • Don

    A few look better after gaining wait, but most look horrible. Most of the shots are boobs and up which don’t show what is really going on.

  • John Nickel

    Hehehe…… talk about buyers remorse! Imagine waking up to those rolls and tubs of goo. I think a comparative study is required regarding women chunking up and erectile dysfunction. Only a few brave souls can plow those fields.

  • Brando

    It aint children. It aint marraige. It aint even laziness. Its access to food.

    All of these women either supported themselves or lived off of mommy and daddy. After they get married that wasn’t the case. At the very least, lady’s get to combine their salaries with that of their husband’s. Ultimatley, you’ve got access to more food in a house than you did before and, combined with the “married” lifestyle, you spend more and more nights at home eating than going out to the clubs. Period.

    Its a $hitty phenomenon, but thems the facts. You’re basic hot-skinny chick is going to get thicker unless she’s a health nut. And those are unicorns.

  • Nicole

    I saw about 1 1/2 people refer to one of the major causes – GETTING OLDER. People go from few responsibilities to many – it’s no shock that their dedication to “attractiveness” takes a backseat. It’s disgusting to me that this kind of commentary is so prevalent while the issue of blubbery men is largely ignored. Our society treats weight-gain in women as reprehensible, implying that one of our main jobs is to keep men happy and horny.

    And despite a lot of comments on this page that claim that women gain weight because they become comfortable in long-term relationships (like marriage), it’s important to acknowledge that people are more likely to be in long-term relationships and get married when they get OLDER, and getting older usually corresponds, married or not, to gaining weight. I wish it were easier for Americans (and others) to stay fit but the reality is that people spend a lot of their time working and dealing with adult responsibilities, even before kids – throw children in the mix and there are school functions, sports games and practices, etc, etc.

    Here’s the thing I really take issue with: American women AND men are increasingly living unhealthy lives and gaining weight and yet the majority of the complaints I hear are about female weight gain, usually in the context of their “failure” to satisfy their husband or boyfriend. A look into the world of entertainment displays this inequality quite clearly. Look at According to Jim, King of Queens, Grounded for Life, Still Standing, even Family Guy – you can even go back a ways, this isn’t new – look at Family Matters, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, The Cosby Show – even the men on Friends became progressively chunkier while the women, if anything, got hotter. The only fat woman sitcom I can remember was Roseanne – but John Candy certainly wasn’t HER arm-candy (so much for equality). Even shows like CSI, Sex and the City (“Big” was a little big, you know), Home Improvement – look at Tim “Tool Time” co-stars (Heidi vs. Al) – all these shows maintain this trend in which chunky, gelatinous men are acceptable but almost all the women are fit and hot, and often extraordinarily gorgeous. Even looking at news anchors shows this disparity. Unattractive, chubby men are everywhere – Bill O’Reilly, Stephen Colbert…it’s common with politicians too – line up the senators by BMI and most of the women would be on the lower side. This article and many of the comments made on it just re-enforce how awful it is for women in this society. Along with my intelligence, hard-work and college degree, I need a good figure and perfectly-applied make-up to get ahead in life and be “valued.” Does that strike anyone else as tragic?

    • bagdad66

      Responsibilities?! Going to a youth soccer match requires the responsibility of downing a box of twinkies?

    • Kudos

      right, cuz as we get older we lose the ability to take care of ourselves…

    • Dave_Davids

      cool story nicole
      funny that nicole had enough time to type all that.
      prolly a fat chick that stays home and thinks she
      can check off raising kids as a full time job

      • Right…

        Funny Dave, I was thinking something similar in regards to you. Although it was more along the lines that you’re an uneducated pedophile who likely hasn’t had an encounter with a girl (I say that deliberately because no woman who’s exchanged more than a greeting with you could find your personality appealing) that’s lasted longer than 95 seconds.

        Furthermore, I find myself wondering what kind of occupation you call a full time job. I highly doubt that one could consider the 25 hours per week you spend behind the deep fryer at Jack in the Box in combination with all of your enlightening web commentaries a career. Then again, I can only speculate…

        • Dave_Davids

          itt cows defending beats by personally attacking anons david.
          you make a stellar points, right.

          • dot

            “itt cows defending beats by personally attacking anons david. you make a stellar points, right.”

            English, motherfcuker. Do you speak it?

            • Dave_Davids

              itt = in this thread
              cows = fat chicks
              chicks = holes
              beats = beasts = fat chicks = monsters
              anons david = dave davids
              dot = a person that needs to lurk moar
              more = more
              lurk = needs to hang out on forums and learn internet speech before speaking up.

              hope that clears that up for ya dot. i dont aim to confuse the slow and inane.

        • Chris

          Right, that’s so funny because *I* was thinking that about Dave_Davids too.

          Dave, the responsibility of sporting and school events are ON TOP OF full time careers for many of us. I’m a director pulling in a 6 figure income and I also have a huge amount of family duties to attend to after a 40+ work week.

          I am a woman in my 40s and guess what? I’m not the same size or shape as I was in my teens and 20s. But I’m healthy and active and a hell of a lot happier than I was in my younger years. I’m in a wonderful marriage to a man who loves me dearly and who is also attractive and a hard worker, though he no longer has the same body he had in his teens and 20s either. We are still wildly attracted to each other and that’s what counts.

          I think you must be a lonely little man…why else the seething bitterness and anger towards women?

          • Dave_Davids

            this is the internet sweetie, were all directors with six figure incomes.

            my first clue was that you overshot yer success. itd been more believable if you said something like “im only slighty obese and i manage not to cry on the edge of my bed every night” or something like that.

            -you said
            *I’m in a wonderful marriage to a man who loves me dearly*
            -the truth
            *he hates fcuking you and is tired of yer shiet stories that have always sucked to him*
            -you said
            *We are still wildly attracted to each other and that’s what counts.*
            -the truth
            *yer fooling yerself. must be quite sad in that shack you live in*

      • David in Corpus

        Look at how bitter the fatties are bro. Funny thing, most of the fat chicks at my job would never settle for a fat dude. They still go after the hot dudes and wonder why they don’t show any interest in them whatsoever.
        American women have become the butt of all jokes worldwide, they just haven’t noticed yet.
        The early feminists from the 20th century are rolling in their graves over what the modern day woman has done with their sexual freedom.
        FAT HOS will not get nor keep a husband.
        Sociology 101.

      • Y’all_R_idiots

        Needle Dick!!!! Hahahahaha

    • les

      nicole, this is for us guys. If that bothers you, then go find a bunch of pix of “a phenomena you notice when MEN get married”, post them up and see how many guys care. its a double standard. oh well. I can get fat if i want. but i dont, cause I care about what I look like. I’m in my 30’s and still in shape… whats your excuse again?

    • Makoto

      Um…. As a dude who likes fat chicks, I don’t have much to say, except… Colbert isn’t fat.

    • Jerry

      Women expect certain things of men: chivalry, responsibility when it comes to providing for family, take out the garbage, fix the flat tire, take care of yourself, do the “man’s”work, treat a girl “right” etc.

      In return, men expect certain things of women: cook dinners, clean the bathroom, take caree of the childeren, do the grocery shopping, and take care of your body.

      For both men and women, failing to upkeep your appearance shows a lack of respect for both yourself and for your mate. Unfortunately, it’s usually women who act surprised when the guy doesn’t want to have sex with the pig anymore. And it’s usually women have come up with all kinds of excuses for not taking care of themselves. Marriage is not a license to become complacent and lazy. Why do you think women love marriage and men generally just “agree” to it; it’s because for women there is no downside to marriage. Get fat, lazy, heck even cheat on your husband and somehow it’s still his fault, get a divorce and get half of everything. Men get fat, get lazy, she will divorce him, and yes, get half of everything. Heck the man cheats, it’s his fault. Woman cheats? His fault. Either way, she gets half. Who WOULDN’T agree to that, as a woman. But for men, there is NOTHING but downside to marriage.

      Jack Nicholson as a writer in “as good as it gets”:

      “How do I write women so well? I think of a man, and take away reason and accountability”

  • ihatethedodgersnow

    that’s what semen does to a woman. still, they all look hot!

  • Omerta

    Yeah, I’d be out the door. Nothing more unattractive than a girl that can’t even look after herself let alone any kids you two may have.

    I stay fit for myself, and I would expect the same from my partner.

  • Jessica

    You women here are full of shiet blaming your bodies on child birth and you men saying that women let themselves go I make sure I stay fit for my husband I work my ass off at the gym everyday take care of 2 children 7 months and 4 years old and still maintain my body mind my house and take care of my husband there is absolutely no excuse for letting yourself go besides you have become complacent if you women would start taking better care of your bodies and taking care and satisfying your man every night you wouldn’t have these worries or discussions bout divorce bc she’s fat and this and that women need to step your game up I am 4 ft ten and never wieghed over 110 lbs and I have 2 children it’s called motivation get up at 5 am and run instead of running to mcdonalds but no you rather complain bout a full figured woman and blame it on societies high standards of women blah blah and no I never paid for any type of surgery

    • Kudos

      Well said, love yourself and love your partner. you only get one chance might as well try to make each other happy.

    • soldier101

      btw ur not fooling anyone “jessica” ur a guy no woman would ever write this shiet lmao! getting fat with age is called being an American…land of the free home of the LARD ASS

      • David in Corpus

        Obviously you don’t know strippers very well. They think like men but with the shallow looks oriented way of thinking of a hollywood actress. Plus, they are very arrogant and self centered. They love telling off ‘regular’ chicks as they call them.
        I am married to a stripper, ex stripper, and all men should marry a stripper (only), avoid the bi polar ones though they hear voices and other weird sht.

        • KLM

          Wow. You are married to an ex-stripper. How admirable. LOL

  • moxley

    Who fcukin cares. Seriously.

    I’d fcuk most of those girls in both the before AND after pics….Not all, but most.

    People put on weight in the mid to late 20s when metabolism changes….Add lifestyle choices to that and it only makes it worse. We men put on weight too, once you reach 27 your metabolism changes and you’re fcuked (unless you’re steady working out and eating properly) …

  • uncertianlycertian

    I’ve never been married, but have been in long term relationships and I have LEARNED A VERY IMPORTANT LIFE LESSON, Take pride in YOURSELF ladies! If you LOVE HIM, understand this…Men want Pretty, desired, women who, when they take out…they are PROUD to call you his! If you love him, understand you caught his attention FIRST by your looks, not your heart. The better you look, the more secure you are in your relationship, and the little green monster of jealousy doesn’t rear it’s ugly head when he wants to go out! just sayin

  • ssdd

    All dem dudes look like whiggers too, and probably like heavy chicks. The girl on the train, the cowgirl, and the asian at the end- man them be a got-damn tragedy!

  • Jonathan

    I think it has to be something in the Wedding Cakes!

  • Irina

    Ok, you shallow pr*cks.
    A) it is most definitely NOT just women. Most people I know, of both sexes, pack on the pounds when they reach a certain age, and that brings me to…
    B) it’s not marriage, it’s hitting your late 20’s- early 30’s and suddenly everything changes. Your metabolism, your energy, your hair, your skin…it’s called AGING, people. Yes, changing your diet and fitness habits can help with this, but it’s not easy, it takes hard work.
    There so much more to it than marriage and labels. It’s life, and it’ll happen to you too.

    • David in Corpus

      Come to South Texas our hot chicks start getting fat at age 16 to 18, is that the age thing you were talking about?
      You girls need to realize that your secret weapon is your hotness, a man’s secret weapon is his ability to kill (ie: bring home money).
      When a man can’t get a job or kill for cash, etc. he is considered a worthless terd, NO?
      Well the same can be applied and should be to a woman, get fat and ugly lose your special power.
      Men are always attracted first and foremost to your sexuality, not your mind, not your money, not your daddy’s business connections, he just wants to hit it hard and put you away wet. It is instinct and no amount of moralizing or btching is gonna change that.
      Oh, the guys y’all wish existed who are insterested in your minds before your bodies…. guess what, y’all would never date them anyway, they are the guys that y’all are ‘just friends with’ or ‘you remind me of a little brother’, or ‘I am so glad you are always here to listen me’. Those guys never get azz and don’t deserve it, I know it and y’all know it and that is why y’all string them along as ‘BBF’s the man version at least’. Pathetic.

    • Jag000

      Shut the hell up. Woman always defend woman. Go look at the mirror…

  • Cal

    We all living in America!

    • Tex

      amerika, ist wunderbar!!!

  • Confidence

    I read through this whole thread and was a little surprised I didn’t see the REAL reason a man would leave a woman who gained a considerable amount of weight (or vice versa).

    If a guy marries a girl who starts out sexy and gains a lot of weight, I doubt that he ever leaves her solely for gaining weight. Think for a second about the confidence change you have to endure by gaining that much weight. Not only are you different physically, you are VERY different emotionally and that definitely shows in your personality. I would be willing to bet that women drop their fat husbands MUCH more than men drop their fat wives. Why? After all, confidence is one of the main things that women look for in men (:

  • OMG

    One of the girls pictured on here went to my high school.. she had an eating disorder and a lot of medical issues while in high school, which made her drastically loose weight. After high school, she went to college and she overcame her eating disorder, but she still fought her medical condition and had to quit going to college. Her medications caused her to gain excessive weight. I cannot believe she is pictured on this website. She is such a sweet girl, and almost lost her life on several occasions. Before you insult people by putting their pictures on here, maybe you should consider what they may have gone through that would result in weight gain. Not everyone is fat because they eat too much and don’t work out..

    • davE

      Which one? and if she still looks decent do you have her number? i could always use a fcuk pig

    • David in Corpus


    • Lying little liar is lying again. STFU.

  • James

    Some of it comes from age. Some of it comes from having children. Some of it comes from being poor — if you don’t have a lot of food available, your body notices, and tries to save up for when there really is nothing to eat (one reason thin people freak out about overweight people is because they eat so much, whereas the overweight ones are eating far less, skipping every other meal).

    You should have shown photos of their husbands, who probably packed on a few, too.

    Take a look at the comment from OMG, and be cool.

  • 420pete

    after checking this page out i started checking out fat women with pretty faces and started seeing them as to how they must’ve looked like in their younger years.

    did this happen to anyone?

  • disgusted with the attitudes

    there are so many defensive comments about aging, and responsibilities and having kids. and yet in all the photos, the before and after pictures look to be still in the same age range, some of the photos are even dated, and most of the after photos have the same freewheeling look about them. The gist is, the before and after pictures are young women who have gained not a little, but a significant amount of weight in a very short amount of time.

    It’s the defensiveness that is so embarrassing. North Americans are, generally speaking, not very active, they drive everywhere, they lead sedentary lives, they watch a lot of tv, they eat a lot of junk food. This is a very simple formula for steadily gaining weight. nothing tricky or strange about it. But people continually make excuses and are indignant if called to account. At least men don’t usually make up weird stories about glands and stress and aging–they just admit they are lazy and drink too much beer.

    It’s almost entirely cars and junk food. Most people I know don’t drive and by nature aren’t gluttonous about junk food, and we’re all relatively fit without having to be hyper conscious about exercising or worrying about calories–and we’re all pushing 40. so many of the comments here make it sound as though becoming obese is ineveitable, and the comments seem to beg for sympathy for how hard their lives are and demand how can they be expected to do other than get really fat really fast in the face of such a hard life.

    Is it unfair to point this out? who cares, it’s true. treat your body like a dumpster, and you will have a dumpster for a body. I don’t know why we need to protect fat people’s feelings as though they were a delicate endangered species. We don’t do that for smokers or drinkers or adrenalin junkies. Why do we have to pretend becoming a slug is normal and that it is some kind of hate crime to suggest it is unhealthy and impacts individuals, families and society. Half the drug store is diabetic supplies these days. It wasn’t that way 20 years ago. Stomach stapling is becoming common. Heart disease and high blood pressure are becoming the norm. What do you think the healthcare cost is for a nation that rabidly defends it’s right to be obese?

    As far as the article goes, while sex and attraction aren’t everything, what is the point of trying to deny that putting on fifty lbs in 2 years is going to have some impacts on the people in the relationships?

    There is an epidemic of people refusing to take responsibility for themselves and accept reality.

    • David in Corpus

      The ultimate compliment for most women (according to my shallow wonderful wife) is for a man to love her unconditionally, and yes that means she should be able to weigh 300 pounds and still be loved and worshipped for the goddess she is.

      Fkn stupid huh. And women say men are delusional.

      • Y’all_R_Idiots

        I’d say your wife having to put up with your needle dick even before she gained her weight is a testament to all women and the things they’re willing to put up with!

        • Rubifen Errex

          Sure. Women will not date you if you DONT have a good job, if your not taller than them, if you look scrawny and are shy.
          So FK u and all of the women like you. Such hypocrites.

    • Brianmark_sea

      Thanks for a great comment. I hear these excuses all the time. My sister has gotten fat in the last few years and blames it all on menopause. I moved in with her recently and see it is at least 60% due to over eating. Big meals all the time and snacking at night. In the year I’ve lived here I’ve gained 10 pounds. I told her it because there is too much food. She is in denial and told me she is not fat. I’m cutting food and getting out more and going to lose all my extra weight. She can stay in denial and blame it on menopause.

    • Brianmark_sea

      Thanks for a great comment. I hear these excuses all the time. My sister has gotten fat in the last few years and blames it all on menopause. I moved in with her recently and see it is at least 60% due to over eating. Big meals all the time and snacking at night. In the year I’ve lived here I’ve gained 10 pounds. I told her it because there is too much food. She is in denial and told me she is not fat. I’m cutting food and getting out more and going to lose all my extra weight. She can stay in denial and blame it on menopause.

    • justanotheramerican

      As an American, I agree with most of what you said except for the car thing.

      In many places there is no reliable/clean/efficient public transportation system so people must drive. Many people can work as far as an hour drive away from home to work (I have family and friends are who doing this fives times a week). You need a car in this country. I really can’t stress that enough. I’ve been to Germany and Italy and, while mostly in Germany, I was able to see people do most everyday things using a bicycle, moped, or by walking. You’d be very hard-pressed to find places like that in the States.

      Otherwise, I believe you’re right. People eat horrible food and are living sedentary lifestyles. It makes me sad, really.

    • This comment right here, nails it.

      What strikes me is that someone, almost certainly some fat married woman, actually downvoted your comment!

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  • soldier101

    most midddle-aged men are bald and fat and when men gain weight it can cause them to lose their sex drive and they cant get it up most of you guys on here have that to look forward to so i hope for your sakes you marry a woman who loves you. women make their own money these days and im guessing none of you are millionaires so the idea of getting a hot girl in the first place is just a dream.

  • angela

    wtf.. I am not getting married if that’s gonna be me. NO NO NO NO !!

  • Annaleigh

    I’ve had 2 pregnancies, practically back to back and lost all of my “baby weight.” It is my husband that has packed on the pounds. Is that acceptable?

    • George

      Yes, men and women have historically value different things in mates. Men look for physical attractiveness. Women usually look for status and ability to provide. But that was a nice try.

      • female guest

        Why would that be more acceptable than a woman gaining weight after marriage? Aren’t women allowed to feel attracted to certain things such as weight?
        If you frown upon a woman packin’ on the pounds after getting married, you should do the same for a man.

        • Abelone_mirror

          Agree with fellow females, pregnant men are gross and should be ridiculed as much as fat women!

        • Abc

          Let’s not lose sight of the bigger pictures, men cannot be fat, only women can. 45% of women do not work, ever…, you can’t justify sitting home all day packing on the pounds, go out and do something. 

      • Maz23

        lol I think George in still living in the 19th Century.

    • ryryfury

      If he pays the bills then yes

  • Annaleigh

    And people who have such little pride in themselves that they allow their weight to get this out of control, will do it whether they get married or not. There is no way to predict which people will wind up being this big, so if it is that petrifying, it would be best not to marry at all.

    And the men on here that think a fat wallet makes up for being a fat slob are seriously mistaken. I wouldn’t screw a millionaire who is as big as the people pictured above. Who wants their man to be a fat slob? The only reason that women are okay with men getting a little on the pudgy side is because it makes them less capable of cheating since less women are choosing them. All men cheat, and the more attractive they are, the more they’ll do it. That’s the only thing that makes a fat slob more appealing to women.

    • jacob

      All women cheat even when they are fat, truly disgusting, and their sweaty fannies smell of mcdonald’s fillet o fish.

    • David in Corpus

      I have never cheated on my wife in 20 years of marriage. Mind you, she does get in the mood to pick up a young 20 something lil’ bi stripper once or twice ayear and fk her stupid with my assistance.
      Gotta love the woman.
      So maybe, my wife has found the cure for men’s urge to cheat. That isn’t her reasoning though, she is just really self confident, not made jealous easily, plus she really likes seeing young hot women having multiple O’s, I mean she really really likes it, more than me in fact.

      I am telling you guys, stop dating regular women, they are all fkd up in the head. Strippers!
      Some of them are crazy indeed, but you gotta keep looking, it is such a hardship bangin thru one hottie after another. You’ll know when one of them thinks you a keeper, they move you into their apartment, buy you a game deck and tell you not to be late when it is time to pick her up at 2:15 in the morning. OH, and don’t be late, they are quite capable of getting rides home and you don’t want that.

  • bob

    only stupid, weak people get married. their friends thin out or scam them or just become tedious so they have to settle down to feel secure, you need to stay current in life , get married and youll be miserable and youll eat to get through the days. then come diabetes and cancer or heart disease or both. over eating, diet etc are worse than smoking, so much worse that it surprises me that their arent cigarette pack like warnings on mcdonalds burger boxes. diabetes is a scourge and the single biggest drain on the medical system in America. not lung cancer like people think. Americans are as dumb as they are fat.

  • Amy Benkard Rose

    Dave_Davids you are my hero! Fat chicks are repulsive; don’t even get me started about F-SAHM (fat stay-at-home-mom) chicks. I don’t know how they live with themselves in such a state of physical filth. Disgusting.

  • needs a sammich

    Amy Benkard Rose, shut the fcuk up and make someone a sammich.

  • needs a sammich

    Amy Benkard Rose, shut the fcuk up and make someone a sammich.

  • Trigger

    This…was oh so very painful to look at…RIP hot women. Though I may not have known you in the days of your attractiveness, I feel as though the sun has lost a little of its shine.

  • Samuel

    I have noticed this more and more with women marrying. In my opinion, most of the women I’ve personally seen who get fat after marriage are gold diggers on one level or another. They purposely attract men with their looks who have fame, power, or fortune. Once these women find a man who they think will stay married to them forever, they then show their true colors. The women stop going to the gym, eat excessively because “it tastes good.” The women then start justifying their excessive weight and lack of personal care by saying it’s a child or their tired with work. Eventually these women become mean and vindictive trying to blame it on the man by saying that’s the reason why they gained the weight in the first place. These women then withhold sex if the guy is desperate enough to still want it. The man eventually has an affair with another woman then eventually his overweight wife files for divorce, tries to take everything from the husband because “I (she) deserve it” and yes I have heard those exact words from overweight women filing for divorce.

    The weight and when it’s gained should be very concerning for all men – and the reverse is true. I believe it shows how unhappy and manipulative a person could be who hates themselves very much. They are looking for love thinking they found it, and only to realize they didn’t know what they were doing in the first place. Instead of trying to work it out they turn to food as their new lover because food doesn’t talk back.

    I hope those people in the above pictures learn to take control of their health, and live longer with the person they thought they love.

  • JoshLad

    Fat women are beasts and you losers who like to fcuk fat broads are commiting bestiality!

    Guess you never were able to pick up a normal sized chick so you lowered your standards and its been so long with them that you could only focus on these farm animals.

    Chubby chasers are fcuking losers they are all!

    Hahaha! I laugh at you because I know the skinny babes I’m with are always better looking than the heifers you bring to the party!

    Just be thankful that a normal guy ain’t gonna try to steal your date. You just have to worry about another loser like yourself might take your beast.

    • Dinker

      God I would like to meet you and have you say this to my face! I would love to see you at the age of 50 when your looks are long gone and hot chicks are a thing of the past. At such a time, us “losers” will be the ones with paid off houses, retirement funds, and new exotic cars because we married good women who have more on their minds than “who will I f*ck tonight. Its one thing to feel the way you do, but to say such trash only makes clear you utter stupidity.

  • El_diablo

    This site is one single and best reason not to marry Oo .

  • Aliul Hasnat

    Why does girls ass thick after marriage?

  • Aliul Hasnat

    Why does girls ass thick after marriage?

  • Nick

    Did you know that is not true that being fat implies unhappiness?

  • dan

    Happened to my wife. She was curvy and hot when we met. She gained a few pounds while we were dating. Maybe that should have been a clue. She has swollen up to 300 pounds since we’ve been married.

    • Bestress

      If your wife is “so big” why are you wasting your time? Is she supporting your loser ass while you play around on the Internet dreaming of the “hot chicks” you can bang all around? Get a divorce and let her find someone who will treat her with respect.

      • Whocares

        Maybe because unlike women, he respects the sanctity of marriage and is trying to keep his vowes. Stop hating on men because they are more pleased with beautiful women than obese ones. It is natural, and men & women are different in instinctual priorities of what they value in a mate. Just like a lot of women would likely complain if their husband was making $100k and nowadays only makes $25k. I see you place no emphasis on her respect for him, just the reverse. If the guy’s wife respected and cared for him more, she wouldn’t let herself get so big.

        • Mobscenecrime

          Wait, are you fcuking kidding me? So a woman must stay skinny in order to respect her husband? Where do you get these ideas? A fat man deserves a loser trophy too.

          • Dangela422

            I don’t think that she is disrespecting me because she lets herself get so fat, just that she cares more about satisfying her appetite than my desire to be turned on by her. I also believe it’s pretty obvious that she feels that you are married “for better or worse” and it’s OK to be comfortable after you are married. For her, being comfortable is eating everything you want.

          • Yes, just as a man should stay slim and healthy. Why is that a difficult concept for you?

          • Rubifen Errex

            So a man has to earn more than his wife to maintain her respect? What if he looses his job and she has to work full time? What if she goes to work at a mine because he is claustrophobic? FK u. How about a man being 3 inches shorter than his GF? Hypocrite looser. Women just give the FK up when they know they have a man, before that, they will inject botox up their anus just to get one.

      • Tom

        Bestress, you sound fat and butthurt. I suggest you put the chocolate bar down, at least while you speak, cause hearing you chewing between the sentences is fcuking disgusting.

      • Barney

        She showed disrespect by choosing to blimp on him.

      • fathate

        Get a life you fat pig!

  • Bestress

    I can’t believe some of the horrible things you guys are saying. How does another womans weight affect your guys’ life? None of you even know who these people are? Do what they gain weight? Does that mean your world is ending? There are 6 billion people in this world, trash talking the heavy people are not going to make them lose weight over night. It disgusts me the harsh things you guys say. You should all be ashes of yourselves. They’re animals? Oh my god, ridiculous.

    • Bestress

      Ashamed. Stupid auto correct. So typical.

    • Derp

      I’m going to go out on a limb here and say your are a fatass whale. Shut your ambulocetus mouth up, gal.

    • Tom

      “How does another womans weight affect your guys’ life? ”

      How does my opinion that hambeasts are fcuking disusting to sight, hearing, touch, (AND GOD FORBID!) smell and taste affect your life?

      Maybe if you spent less time on the Internet and more time running (not after the ice-cream truck) you wouldn’t be so overweight.

    • MonekyBuisness

      Being a drain on resources is irresponsible to the rest of those “6” billion people even though your grossly mistaken on the amount of people… If everyone ate for 3… just imagine what this would be like.

  • Holy shiet… I have no words. Bangable to boner killing in a bite of the wedding cake

  • Bottom line: Don’t Get Married

  • Roborgcorp

    These are pre and post-college.

    Author’s a faggot.

  • Hip_gameen

    This is so true! My cousin sisters who got married are sooo fat now! They say it’s the sign of happiness in the marriage. I find that scary, cuz they are huge ! I reallly think, they do eat alot more food than they did earlier and that’s a primary reason..plus inactivity and age and oh well babies. I’m only 21 and love my work out and no for a fact that most married people consume more food than they did earlier.

  • Tom

    Fuking pigs! How can you get yourself so fat, I don’t know. But damn, you must try really hard.

    “Fat women are beasts and you losers who like to fcuk fat broads are commiting bestiality!”

    My favorite comment, Josh, you’re a fcuking genius. xD

  • Mobscenecrime

    These pictures are not good indicators. One picture shows a girl in her teens or twenties, and later in her thirties to maybe even mid-forties; that is, after she has a few kids. So the men who think women can pop out kids without any indentation to their “appearance” are complete idiots who know nothing of women’s bodies. And if you only care about a woman’s appearance then get a life and a damn trophy wife!

  • ryryfury

    Bottom line, dont get married! It is a con! It also goes against male human nature. Unless you are a complete pussy, every instinct in our bodies tells us to fcuk every hot woman we see. You ladies would do youselves a favor by accepting that. Also if you do get married and gain 50-100lbs and have sex with your husband once every 2months, chances are pretty high that he will cheat. Listen if i were a woman i would want to rope aman into marrying me so i could stay at home and eat and have all my bills paid. If you want to keep your man ladies its easy. Dont gain more than 20 lbs and fcuk your husband. Thats it! And your life is easy! (Hell probably cheat anway)

  • ryryfury

    How can you interpret these before and after photos as anything other than disrespect. The women that come on here and justify this are funny! I think men think way more seriously about the vows of marriage than women do. The words forsake all others and till death do us part really ring in our heads. In th back of ALL WOMENS minds is that if it doesnt work out i get half. The girls on here that say were shallow amuse me. Which is more shallow. To marry someone based on looks. Or to marry someone on financial stability. Seems like you women have the market cornered on shallow!

  • James Loves Cars

    I can’t see a problem. I do see lots of images of “I want to be loved” girls. Turning into ” check me out, I’m hot, I’m confirdent , I.m happy ” women. You neandathol self loathing guys, need to get that chip the size of a car of your shoulders. Yes I know it’s a bit unfair if a partner let’s themselves go after they get married. If you buy a jaguar xj220 then after 2 years it turns into a Nissan micra , you would be pissed. But ask your self this. Have you ever miss treated your woman since marriage ? She may have changed on the out side but have you on the inside. Life sometimes reminds us that we are not the finished ME until the second before we die. Only then can we be judged. And guys are you all that nieve that the book can be judged by the cover. How many older hot chicks do you know. Now ask how many of them should have a section 8 for mental health slapped on them. I how ever feel like the luckiest guy in the world , after 14 years of marriage 3 kids, a successful business, 2 houses , 2 trips to Florida a year, 1 trip ski ing to Germany , a BMW , a jaguar xkr and a hot tub, I owe it all to the support , love , integrity and beauty of my obese wife. I was and still am an injured royal engineer , i didnt lower my sights because pieces of my left leg where still in another country. Near death shows your soul true beauty, without her i would be a drunk, wollowing in self pitty, blaming the world for my failed life. Still after all this time she turns me on, makes me laugh and is a stolwalt when all others fall.So good luck in the trailer park with your size 0 scank and her bottle of vodka. If you are shallow life WILL drown you.

    • Chip

      Neanderthal my butt, James.  Neanderthals were a hell of a lot bigger than these 130 pound toothpicks.  These people just got short man syndrome, is all.

    • Chip

      Neanderthal my butt, James.  Neanderthals were a hell of a lot bigger than these 130 pound toothpicks.  These people just got short man syndrome, is all.

  • Reality

    Because she married a loser husband and all the stress caused her to gain weight.
    After men get to a certain age, balding and a beer gut you can’t tell any of them apart–they all look the same.

  • Can’t stop the aging process

    Then fork over for the liposuction or whatever else you want “fixed” and then do it for your woman too so that you both keep looking good for each other. Hair club for men, whatever, plastic surgery…

    Men, give birth to your own children. Women should be able to take a pass on that.

    As you age your metabolism slows down. It sucks but everyones body changes.

    What you are going to do when old age really hits and everything goes south on you despite all of your precautions. Will you still love her and will she still love you?

  • J-tg

    Most of the commentators to your post are definitely women based on their comments of anger against you and who are most likely fat mamas who themselves were once slender. Had the person who posted the been a woman commenting on fat guys then no doubt them same posters would agree with you 100%. Bring on the slim fast and fat chicks need to control their urges and fight the flab if they wanna keep their man.

  • Techsin

    Studies have shown man tend to gain weight after divorce, women tend to gain weight after marriage. And similarly men tend to lose weight after marriage and vice versa. 

  • Y’all _R_Idiots

    You don’t like it don’t look at us!!!! I will personally biatch slap any guy that calls me a beast. And then I’ll have my guy pop a cap in your ass!!!!

  • Ilazwa

    With great power comes great responsibility…that’s why God gave women “the hole.” All you cavemen can bow down before us…you know who’s got the power. Please give up the desperate attempts to take us down. A true woman isn’t threatened or impressed by your insecurity and when we walk into the room, you’d do anything to have us. Good luck getting a woman to think you deserve her.

  • Sellingstuff13

    Hey its kinda true men what desirable women agter marriage, well some others really dont vare if their wives been overweight. We women want Security and be loved thats all. Other women made theirselves comfortable with the relationship that they forgot who are they before and they let go of themselves, i cant blame housewives if they stayed home to take care of the children and be a cleaning lady coz childcare is too expensive, that made them fat, id rather say women are too busy taking care of her husband and kids that they even forget everything. And its the man’s nature to still have an eye to desirable beauty, even if i was a guy i wanna come home to a clean house, good food, beautiful wife and still have me turned on like i first saw her and

  • Nikki

    Have a good sex with her. That is why they are so many divorce here in US. Anyway i think its also the genes and ethnicity others never get fat after marriage and they even achieve more curves. I eat healthy thats what i was raised but even if i eat unhealthy foods im still in good shape and after pregnancy i had more curves since in was too skinny way back in high school. My hs friends who are also married are wondering why i got hotter after having a baby , well idk its prolly the genes. Im just lucky that no
    Matter i do i never get fat. so women if you think you are big bone pls watch your eating habits and men pls appreciate your loving and supportive wives

  • A-hasnat1

    how to get fcuk a unmarried boy to a married lady, please some options.

  • Mickjameson

    As a young man (20) I’m absolutely disgusted by most of the negative comments left on here by men.
    Yes, I’m in great shape, go to the gym 4 days a week and work hard and earn a lot of money to support me and my girlfriend.
    My girlfriend doesn’t work. Why? Because she deserves to do whatever the heck she wants! Since we’ve been together she’s gone from being a skinny girl to a wide-hipped chubby WOMAN, because unlike most of you idiots, I know what a WOMAN is SUPPOSED to look like!
    I love her unlike anyone in the world, and she loves me even more because I respect her and let her do what she wants with HER body.

    • Oh you sad, sad denialist. What you actually mean is she’d take you to the cleaners in a divorce, precisely BECAUSE you’ve let her become “accustomed” to that lifestyle.

      Is a woman is ‘supposed’ to look fat, why on Earth did you marry a skinny one? Were you desperate?

  • Voice of Reason

    Pretty much everyone in the comments section needs to get facefcuked by a gigantic veiny dick and die. 

    • Or alternatively, you could lose weight?

  • VirtualClover

    Haha, wow…I have to say that’s so true. I’m 5’2 petite, attractive, curvy and former stripper, so I’ve always had a great figure and youthful appearance. I’ve been married 3x. I have 3 sons. (not one per husband though). I’m 48. First marriage was suffocating, in order to get out of it I had to resort to screwing his best friend. Yeah yeah, whatever…I wanted out, he didn’t…so I fixed it where he’d let go. Married less than a year. Stayed trim. Married again – left him after 3 months, though technically married 6 years. Stayed trim. Married last time in 2004. By 2008, I had seen my weight jump from my normal 103 to 118. I nearly had a cow…or looked like I ate one.  Left him in 2011. Divorced in Jan 2012. Back down to 103. 

    Marriage causes weight gain. ;-p Cure: outlaw marriage and girls won’t get fat! Yay!

  • Shona

    wow there are some knobs on here, seriously. For one if you dont like fat people DONT DATE THEM its that simple, and easier than sitting at your laptop moaning about them like they are some kind of leper. To the fat people out there, if you are happy good, but dont become one of the many that moan about their weight without actually doing something about it, and even if you are happy remember the health risks. Its not about what size you are, how much you weigh, how desirable you are..its about being healthy and people need to realise that some women AND men are happier when they arent obsessed with keeping a sleek figure just to appease the small minded minority that thinks its okay to ostracise those who they find undesirable. And before one of the less intelligent people comes out with a derogatory comment like ‘stop muching inbetween writing its so annoying’ or ‘whatever fatty go for a run, and not to the ice cream van’ im a size 8. Peace people. 

  • Brian

    Sam dude, are you seriously 130 lbs and 5% bodyfat?  Somebody needs to take you down a notch.  My little sisters are bigger than you dude, and they’re gymnasts!  Eat a couple burgers, you little wimp.  If you’ve got a medical condition, like dwarfism, I apologize, but dude, you shouldn’t be going around attacking other peoples’ appearance when you’re so tiny an average 8 year old girl could snap your neck.  If you’ve got a problem with every girl on Earth getting bigger than you, that’s your problem.  You need to bulk up, son.  You might not like fat girls, but those skinny girls don’t like arrogant little shrimp who weigh less than them, and I guarantee 95% of them weigh more than 130.  My girlfriend’s 5’4 and runs track, and even she has a good 20 pounds on you w/ 12% body fat.  Eat a steak, dude.

  • markymarkfunkybunch

    i had a bunch of female married friends that are thinner after marriage than they were before…interesting enough, their husbands are the ones who have kept gaining (at not lost) weight….it goes both ways….also…take into account some of these chicks may be preggers?? preggers chicks look fat but its because theres a fucking child inside..food for thought

  • Chachi

    1) let’s please have a version where we mock men before and after marriage – and then before and after having a kid.

    2) some of these women look voluptuous and sexy before AND after marriage

    3) let’s have a version where we expose how much more common it is that an unattractive male ends up with a pretty hot girl than an unattractive girl ending up with an attractive male.

  • Marisa Cherry

    The trend for most people in today’s society is to eventually get fat, the most surprising part I saw in this were the women who didnt gain much and oddly how all the men stayed relatively the same size. Youd think theyd blow up together?

  • rt

    If you’re fat because of a medical or genetic issue don’t read the follow. Unfortunately it is usually a respect issue or complacent issue. The wife takes her standing for granted even though in many cases it was her beauty they won the man to begin with. Often after children the wife believes her work is done. She loses her sex drive and therefore her pride to look good for her husband. Ironically she will still make the rare effort to look good for other women and men… just not her husband. I could PC my way around it but it wouldn’t be true.

  • obamistake

    If only scientists could figure out that one ingredient in wedding cake causing this.