Just Started My Journey Into The Dark Nether Realm Known As Dark Shadows, Any Barnabas Collins Fans Have Any Viewing Advice?

March 9, 2011 | 2 Comments » | Topics: Awesomeness

barnabas collins dark shadows

So I just commited myself to the long winding road known as Dark Shadows, quite possibly the greatest soap opera known to mankind. This is not your typical soap opera, like fcuking Days Of Our Lives or As The World Turns. This is some eerie, gothic, vampire shiet y’all and not the fcuking Twilight variety. 1225 episodes of convoluted story lines, intermingled with cheesy acting and sprinkled in with some Barnabas Collins’ awesomeness makes for a damn good waste of time. Any Dark Shadow fans out there???



A Taste Of Dark Shadows

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  • Noilly Pratt

    Here…Witness the evil Angelique in action:


    Ultra-cheesy and overacted, way over the top.

  • LettyK

    Ah, but cheese is such a wholesome snack for those afflicted with “The Curse of Dark Shadows”, and adds so much to those red corpuscles that our favorite vampire needs to sip. A fan since the very first episode–summer, 1966–it was “the awesomeness” that existed within Jonathan Frid’s portrayal of “the first Barnabas Collins” which kept me coming back for more. A more dignified, haunting image of a gentleman vampire you’ll never find elsewhere. Besides, when he’s not being remorseful for his tormenting vampiric sins and pining for his lost love(s), he’s a most frightful fellow, capable of the most exquisitely sinister deeds. Barnabas Collins rules the night!