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If You Don’t Have A Single Shred Of Respect For Yourself, Please Watch This Video In It’s Entirety

March 14, 2011 | 8 Comments » | Topics: FAIL

rebecca black fridayEven though I have matured considerably over the past few years and have minimized the shiet talking, once in a while a video or a person will come along who stirs up an itch that I just can’t help but to scratch. Her name is Vanessa Black and this is her music video for her song, ‘Friday’. If you could make it through the entire 3 minutes and 48 seconds of this video without wanting to tear your ears out to stop the pain, I will give you mad props. This video and the song pair up well as they are both ridiculously horrible and deserve to be expelled from existence along with Polly Shore. You should also note the black rapper near the end of the video who is slowly building up his street cred by appearing in this video. That is all.


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  • Jerry

    Damn that video is so freaking bad, don’t quit your day job and stay in school lil girl lol. It looks like she is fake smiling through out the video, and it looks like she smelt a fart too.

  • Dan

    I got down to this video on a monday

  • Sanat

    Great find! Had low expectations after reading the intro and had to sink them down further and quickly when it became clear that this video mindf$%&ed you so much you put ‘Vanessa’ instead of ‘Rebecca’ as we see in the first frame.

    Life’s little pleasures these.

  • Noilly Pratt

    I lasted until she went into the car…didn’t see any seatbelts so hoped this would have turned into “Deadman’s Curve”, or some other teen tragedy song. But no, 🙁 she makes it to her destination. Ugh! 0/100

  • MARco

    Ho’s in training…
    At least she knows that after Saturday comes Sunday…

  • Lexx

    this shiet is retarded! some girls just deserve to be deported to Iran for some hard core education 😀

  • i can think of a couple way to shut her up,

  • Kaiden

    Lol, this chick can’t sing for shiet. My goodness.