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March 17, 2011 | No Comments » | Topics: Awesomeness


As many of you are aware, today is in fact St Patrick’s Day. A unique holiday were no one really knows what we are actually suppose to be celebrating, although the ignorance doesn’t stop the mass of people from getting black-holed drunk. In the spirit of St Patrick’s Day, I have posted a few videos of people chugging copious amounts of alcohol, which in all seriousness could kill a small four legged animal. Cheers everybody!


Homeless Guy Tries To Chug 151(For Effort And Hilarious Commentary)

Guy Chugs A 40oz In 4.5 Seconds

Dude Chugs 5 Beers In 20 Seconds

He Learned A Lesson After This

Dude Chugs 6 Beers In 10 Seconds

A Pint Of Jack In 2.5 Seconds

A Fifth Of Vodka And Two Shots Of Absinthe

College Idiot Chugs Everclear

Russian Chugs A Bottle Of Vodka Before Class

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