5 Movie Monologues That Will Instantly Sell You On A Movie

March 22, 2011 | 4 Comments » | Topics: Awesomeness, List

pulp fiction monologue

I’m no movie expert by any stretch of the imagination and I’m not going to drown you out with any technical terminology or subdue you with an overly pretentious understanding of carefully crafted acting. I’m just a simple dude, who from time to time while watching a movie is like ‘Holy shiet! That was fcuking awesome!". Here are 5 freaking awesome movie monologues that conjured up such a reaction. Enjoy.


Glengarry Glen Ross – ABC

Pulp Fiction – The Watch

Training Day – King Kong

Good Will Hunting – Interview With NSA

A Few Good Men – You Can’t Handle The Truth

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  • Great choices all – but “The Watch” is without a doubt the best soliloquy in movie history. Walken’s delivery is just beyond perfection.

  • Great list. One more add: Gary Busey’s “Prince Henry Stout” monologue in Surviving The Game is EPIC. Plus, it wasn’t in the script. He just made it up on set.

  • pvdk

    put in the video quote from MENACE II SOCIETY (imma sell that shiet for 59,95….)

  • Bryan

    How can this list be complete without Quint´s U.S.S. Indianapolis Speech in “Jaws”.