How To Make Wings That Will Make A Grown Man Cry By The Food In My Beard

March 31, 2011 | 2 Comments » | Topics: Food

1/4 cup of Pequin Peppers ground up go into buttermilk. Soak 30 wings in the buttermilk mixture overnight.

Mixing the chiles into the milk.

The next day I started to make the sauce. 35 Habaneros

After you get through the heat in a habanero, it actually has a really sweet and tangy flavor.

All the habaneros in the blender with the seeds. Also toss in a banana, clove of garlic, and some cayenne sauce.  For people in Boston, if you trade out the cayenne sauce for vinegar, you get a sauce very close to the inner beauty sauce at East Coast Grill.

It blends up really smooth.

I like to fry the wings till they are very brown. About 8 minutes at 350.

After draining the wings for about 30 seconds, drop them into the sauce.

Very good, but really deadly spicy. Cook at your own risk!